Bud Selig, Fashion Cop

bud selig picking nose.jpgIt’s good to see Bud Selig worrying about the important things in the game of baseball.  Fix the All-Star Game?  Nah.  Rehabilitate Pete Rose?  Nope.  Police managerial fashion?  Oh yes.

Now, maybe Selig has a reason for this.  Perhaps it’s his version of the “broken windows” policy made famous by Giuliani in NYC.  The idea is that if you crack down on the small crimes, the big crimes are less likely happen.  But I’m really not sure how telling Joe Maddon that he can’t wear an MLB-branded hoodie would have stopped Mark McGwire from juicing.

It might be something else, something a little more personal.  I think it comes down to the age old battle between the cool kids and the nerds.  Selig may be rich but you don’t have to look at the two guys for long to figure out who has done better with the ladies.  Selig could pass for a Dali painting of Bill Gates.  SI’s Peter King apparently favorably compared Maddon to Spencer Tracy.  Yeah, those are whole different universes on the looks scale.

So, what do the nerds do when they finally get power?  They make the cool kids pay for all their previous infractions.  Here’s the train of logic and I think you can agree it makes sense: Selig gets beat up in high school because his face is already getting droopy.  50 years later he sees Joe Maddon, equates him with the kids who beat him up and decides he’s going to finally get his revenge.  Selig 1 – Baseball 0

I understand that baseball has to have rules surrounding dress.  There needs to be some, uh, uniformity (if you’ll pardon the pun).  But if instead of focusing on the much more real issues facing baseball this is where you’re going to fight your battles, you’ve just proven once again how unfit you are for the job Mr. Selig.




  1. raysfanboy

    I don’t totally mind some of the rules, but Hoodie-gate was kind of ridiculous–especially during the cold weather games. Honestly, though, Maddon looks like he’s smuggling 30 lb turkeys under that hoodie whenever he wears it, so may Selig is doing us all a favor.


  2. Jonah

    Nice shot of Selig digging for a clue. Because, apparently, from this latest decision, he doesn’t have one.

    Seriously, for some of these jowly-looking managers, maybe a hoodie saves us all the visual discomfort of seeing their jerseys billowing over their belt. As long as it’s got their team’s logo or name on it, why be anal about it, Bud?


  3. raysrenegade

    Got to say ever since Rays Manager Joe Maddon gave MLB Commissioner Bud Selig a wedgie right before Game 5.0 of the 2008 World Series with FRank Robinson on the floor laughing his booty off…..We have been in line for a nerd-killing.
    Selig couldn’t keep Maddon and (Andrew) World B Freidman from stockpiling the young talen into the Rays system, or even pull out his favorite Tropicana Field trump card (They can not play in that stadium) at a April dinner to promote Grapefruit League Spring Training Baseball, the Rays have been in the Bullseye of Selig.
    Guess that’s what we get for rocking something besides the MLB previously approved and more expensive $159.99 outerwear coat instead of the $ 59.99 Rays hoodie.
    But it is okay for the MLB Umpires to have their entire face covered by a skimask while performing their game duties in the Southside of Chicago.
    Next thing you know the “Elmer Fudd” hat will be permanently out of stock……..Shocker!

    Rays Renegade


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