The Filibuster

So who would win in fight between you two? I’m sure this will be

Karrie S.
Chicago, IL


zygote.jpgYou present an interesting dilemma, Karrie.  The twin dynamos behind RSBS don’t really consider themselves individuals so much as a team which renders the question moot.  Answering a question like this borders on offensive and is anathema to the RSBS concept.  However, I’m going to go ahead with it anyway.

See, Jeff’s Cardinal Yin and my Tiger Yang form a union of sorts not unlike the union you see between baseball’s best batteries.  Obviously our respective talents imply that I am the pitcher and Jeff the catcher but that doesn’t mean that he just crouches there as I pound it home.  We have our disagreements but there’s an ebb and flow to writing a blog like this that fighting would disrupt.

Even if we were to accept the premise of this hypothetical fight, what would be the terms and how would it be carried out?  Is it a war of words in which the winner’s superior intellect would cause the loser to become a dying star eternally folding in on himself?  Or is it a physical battle where one person’s physical prowess would force the other into submission, crying out for mercy?  A fight can mean many things and without knowing the type of fight, how could I answer?

Perhaps you wonder about a fight regarding our respective loyalties, that is to say that you want to know whose team would win in a pitched battle between the two.  The answer throughout history has been a draw which once again makes a response complicated at best.  If we were to instead base our judgment merely on the ferocity of the partisans of the teams, neither one of us could hope to claim that title as long as the city of Philadelphia and its psychotic fans exist.

I fear, Karrie, that your question goes further than you had intended, into an existential realm where a seemingly simple query divides and multiplies like a zygote on its path to consciousness.  That being said, a fight between me and Jeff ends with two big hits: me hitting him and him hitting the floor. 

Boom, ship it!




  1. redstatebluestate

    Matt, thanks for the kind words. That gives me (us) encouragement, knowing people like us (baseball dorks) aren’t alone. Holla!

  2. devilabrit

    I have to think this was a set up, question from Chicago Il… anyway didn’t something of a battle occur last year and didn’t someone have to wear a cap as punishment which they faked, my memories going…(need more power) but I definitely remember something like that…. but still, I ‘m not sure Al could hit Jeff…. Jeff looks like the faster runner

    Phillies Outside

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