Ernie Harwell: “He Took His Cut, and Now He Takes His Seat”

It’s easy to explain what Ernie Harwell meant to the everyday working man.

Ernie Harwell was the everyday working man.

He was also the guy who’d pull over and help you change your tire.

The type of gentleman you’d want to have stand up at your wedding… for those of you who get married and stuff like that.

Ernie Harwell was many things to many people, but no one can deny that Ernie Harwell was baseball.

Rest in peace, brother.  Rest in peace.

ernie harwell.jpg



  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    When I was 8, a guy painting my house taught me how to tune into games on the radio at night. Ernie has been welcome on my radio since 1975. My complete post on Mr. Harwell is on my blogspot. A couple of old-timers were in the coffee shop talking about Ernie this afternoon,- bout how he called games for the Brooklyn Dodgers too.
    Good Night Mr. Howell.

  2. redstatebluestate

    Mike — He was traded for a catcher. I love that story.
    Matt — No doubt about that.

  3. redstatebluestate

    Emma — I was able to catch that part of the Dodgers came too. Great story.
    Jane — Indeed he was.

  4. greg1969

    Tip of the cap to Ernie Harwell. Baseball has lost another legend. Rest in peace. Take care.

  5. Jonah

    My condolences to the Harwell family, Tigers fans and all baseball fans in general who had the chance to hear his voice calling a baseball game. At the time I didn’t know it, but I was in the stands when Mr. Harwell broadcast his last game for the Tigers in 2002 (they were in Toronto facing the Blue Jays the last weekend of the season – please, if I’m wrong about this fact, someone correct me). I only heard his broadcasts a few times, but he was without peer. RIP Ernie Harwell.


  6. angelsgirl012

    I didn’t know him that well nor did I listen to his broadcastings but I cried along with many others anyways. I’m sorry for the loss. In fact the game of baseball is sorry for the loss. He will be missed by many for sure! What a great outpouring of love and support. That must feel great for the family 🙂

    From what I heard he was a true gentleman and had such a love for the game. I love listening/reading to his hall of fame induction speech. It’s truly stunning stuff 🙂

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