The Five Zone

As the baseball season gets into full swing over the next month and we inch closer to the All-Star break, it’s important that players stay in top form.  As we all know, the season is a marathon, not a sprint, but losing a key player for any length of time can be devastating down the stretch.

We here at RSBS want to do our part in keeping players safe, healthy and uncompromised which is why today we’re sharing this video with you all.  And remember, this isn’t just for the pros.  The tips presented here are applicable to all of us:

Happy high fiving!




  1. raysrenegade

    The Rays did a “History of the Fist Bump” Youtube video a few years ago and it was just howling good fun.
    But pitchers seems to hesitate from the fist bump?
    Maybe their manicurists frown upon it…..
    And for that reason, the High Five and booty smack is still their perferred method of showing support.
    Hopefully more high five than………you get the drift.

    Rays Renegade

  2. devilabrit

    I prefer the bottle bash…. that way no bodily contact is made… unless its some hot chick then the chest bump is on order….

    Phillies Outside

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