A Pitcher is Worth a Thousand Words

dallas_braden.jpgIn the past few days two pitchers with the same kind of heart but very different skill levels achieved notoriety from very different results.  Since we here at RSBS try not to judge, we won’t say that one did better than the other.  But we will say that both brought a smile to our faces.

Dallas Braden was the main story, of course, with his nine innings of perfection.  He’s no David Wells and that’s probably a good thing.  And he’s still known as the guy who told off A-Rod.  But he’s also the guy who no-hit the hottest team in baseball.

Meanwhile, in another ball park not so far away, minor leaguer Rojo Johnson attempted to come back after a rough life that saw him spend some time in the cooler.  The results, although not unexpected, probably weren’t all that he had hoped for……or maybe they were.  We’ll let you be the judge:

Looks like he might have been channeling Nolan Ryan there for a second.  I think we can all get behind that.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    That’s not too far away from a game circa 1975. I have a feeling Rojo Johnson’s name will live among the all-time characters along with Wild Thing, Nuke, Jobu, Hobbs and Doc Graham once everyone gets a look at it. I’m sure there was at least one mom there who objected to him grabbin his “illegal iguana”! : o

  2. Jonestein

    Loved the Nolan Ryan/Robin Ventura redux…can’t believe the commentators didn’t mention that, especially since the team is named after Ryan AND he owns the team AND the Ventura incident is one of the most famous in his career.
    Pure awesomeness.

  3. devilabrit

    So why is Braden sniffing his finger and is that A-Rod…….. you get the story line

    Phillies Outside

  4. stonebutch99

    I actually saw the video on Rojo a couple of days ago. All the Astros fans/media thinks it’s hilarious. I didn’t. I’m normally all for a grown man grabbing his package and shaking it in front of kids, but not this time for some reason. 😉


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