Surrender, Monkeys!

french_man.jpgThere’s a popular saying that France would be a wonderful country if it wasn’t for the French.  Ok, it’s probably not actually all that popular but I enjoy saying it.  And there is a reason why the saying exists.  Although not as true as it used to be, the French have a reputation for not being a pleasant people.

However, they are not alone in this world.  There are plenty of other people who, when you find yourself in their lands, react in somewhat malevolent and unpredictable ways.

One such land is a place called Philadelphia.

Now, we’ve all heard stories about a fan of an opposing team who got roughed up, had a beer spilled on them or whose daughter was puked on by a Phillies fan.  And those stories seem to be the rule as opposed to the exception.  But it seems like Philly might finally have a plan for reigning in their unruly supporters.

Ah yes, the smell of singed hair and the cries of “Don’t tase me, bro!”  Perhaps we could try this on the French as well.  It might cover up the smell of cheese and the cries of “Nous nous rendirons!”*


* “We surrender” for those who skipped 12th grade French in favor of something useful.  Like shop.



  1. devilabrit

    Anything that is an eradication of the French has my support… but is that French Canadian, or is my French really that rusty… I thought We Surrender was nous reddition isn’t rendirons a french golf term… and does Jeff really have a man crush on Roy Halladay ?


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