RSBS Presents: Overcompensation

money tp roll.jpgThe Truth: If someone deserves to get paid, he deserves to get paid.

I would pay Albert Pujols the moon.  I would pay Derek Jeter the sun.  Roy Halladay my left — AHEM.  Okay, you know what I mean.  These aren’t Chicago Transit Authority workers who sit around in bunches and watch one guy change one light bulb while they all count how many more days til that fat pension check kicks in.  Pujols, Jeter, Halladay… men like that… their services are incalculable.

On the contrary, inflation and greed have changed the dynamics of the world economy so much that I find it frighteningly appalling that certain people in certain positions are able to pull down the amount of scratch they do.  Considering how so many US Americans (me) are just skating by, watching ye olde savings account disappear quicker than an Oriole lead in the 9th, I think it’s time we call some of these folks out.

Don’t get me wrong.  I ain’t no hater.  But soon you’ll agree… overcompensation can be a nagging pain for those of us on the opposite end of the money tree.

hanley ramirez cap tip.jpgHanley Ramirez
Sure, in the baseball world, $7 million a year is quite the bargain, especially for a perennial MVP candidate who can single-handedly carry a team for weeks at a time.  Or is it?  In the case of Hanley Ramirez, it’s probably less about overcompensation and more about breaking child labor laws.  Yeah, you heard me right.  ‘Cuz only whiny kids and spoiled brat beotches find themselves exempt from exerting maximum effort on the diamond.  And at $7 million a year or $70 a year, when ya play baseball for a living, I expect you to hustle.  Always. 

bristol_palin.jpgBristol Palin
Did you know that the strikingly beautiful oldest daughter of former Alaska governor and ultimate purveyor of Backwardism has signed a deal with a speakers bureau to make between $15,000 and $30,000 per speech.  Uh… m’kay.  So… uh… what’s she gonna speak about?  Let’s see, what would make anything Bristol Palin has to say important to me (or anyone)?  She’s the daughter of a famous politician.  So what?  I’m the son of an awesome MRI technologist.  She got knocked up while in high school.  So what?  I was smart enough to wrap it up.  Uh… she’s attractive.  So what?  Hello!?!?  Where the hell is my $30K per speech contract?

kerry wood spitting.jpgKerry Wood
Remember this guy?!?  If you hear that Twilight Zone music sifting through your head, you are not alone, dear readers.  I was able to catch the end (and most, er… exciting?) part of that Royals/Indians matchup last night… y’know, the one where Kerry Wood came in throwing 97 mph gas that the Royals — yes, the ROYALS — blasted all over the park.  I don’t know about you, but if I’m paying someone $10.5 million a year — someone who always seems to be or is about to be injured — I would ask him to at least be as good as his replacement.  Throw in the eminent departure of the most highly publicized free agent in the history of sports and yeah, I’d say it’s time to light that Cuyahoga on fire again, Cleveland.  Yep.  Let go and let that baby burn.

Hate me ‘cuz your girlfriend digs me, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



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(Kerry Wood pic courtesy of Luol’s Dong)



  1. The Game Above All

    Even as a Red Sox fan, I’ve never particularly liked Josh Beckett and had always thought that the trade that brought him and Lowell here was not a good one. But after seeing a replay of Hanley’s mishap, wow. I think I fell out of my chair laughing 😉
    -The Game Above All

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I’m still waiting for my stimulus package which is already last year’s news.
    I wouldn’t let Bristol pay me to hear her read from a phone book. What about a Yawn Bureau or a *sigh* bureau? They got any of those? Green Eggs and Ham for everybody!! WooHoo!
    Glad to see the Marlins policed up their own clubhouse.

  3. Amy

    preaching to the choir on Kerry Wood. What’s scary is that he gets paid $.5 mil more than the wardrobe budget for Sex and the City 2.

    At least I know I’m going to be to be entertained and thrilled by watching those chicks in those clothes, not disappointed consistently by that *******!

  4. redstatebluestate

    The Game — Likewise I think Lowell would hustle more if he weren’t 85 years old and in need of a wheelchair.
    Emma — Kill the Tigers.
    Mike — I’d let Bristol pay me to do some things… but, er… I probably shouldn’t talk about that here.
    Amy — Nice comparison… one I hadn’t thought of. And if I had to label Wood as a Sex & the City gal, I’d say he’s a diva-ish Samantha type.
    Peter — In order to make the list you have to actually be playing. That cuts out your boy, Burrell. LOL.

  5. raysrenegade

    I would take a free meal and 20 bucks to talk baseball to a room of people….But then again I would do it for free.
    The all mighty dollar has gotten kicked, punched and down-right deflated to the point of insanity over the last few years.
    But I understand totally about giving the “good ones” there just monetary rewards. But some have slumped or forgotten just how special it is to pop on that jersey every night and play this game of our youth.
    Palin’s daughter doesn’t bother me since she is doing what she can with the ticks left on her fame clock.
    But maybe guys like Ramirez and Wood need to take a farm system bus ride again to cherish the 5-star hotels and mega MLB per diem buckaroos

    Rays Renegade

  6. redstatebluestate

    Jane — I would never! Okay, Bravo has lost my attention entirely… unless Top Chef is on… or Project Runway… or…
    RR — I’d pay money to see either on a farm team bus.
    Hiba — I’d have to say Palin is the worse deal… just because Pavano eventually bounced back with the Twins… Bristol? Not so much.

  7. angelsgirl012

    The Truth: If someone deserves to get paid, he deserves to get paid.

    I would pay Albert Pujols the moon. I would pay Derek Jeter the sun. Roy Halladay my left — AHEM. Okay, you know what I mean.”

    ROFL!!! 😀 what a great blog post and an amazing topic! Sometimes I shake my head when it comes to athletes’ paychecks. Then I realize the whole process and all that extra stuff and accept it as it is.

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