“But I Don’t Wanna Be a LOLstro… Waa Waa Waa”

roy oswalt houston.jpgYeah, Roy, I don’t blame ya.  You get no run support.  Your team owner has laughable baseball sense.  Ed Wade is but a slave to the errant desires of said laughable baseball sense.  Yeah.  I wouldn’t wanna be a LOLstro either.  But if I were in your position, you sure wouldn’t hear me cryin’ about it.

Believe that.

Unlike Roy Halladay’s situation of a year ago, when he quietly went to his GM requesting a trade — a request that the Blue Jays inherently blew out of proportion and blabbed to the media thus causing a tailspin of rumors that hurt everyone involved — Roy Oswalt’s recent proclamation via his agent to the press is more than just a bit off-putting.

Look, I know I have the reputation of bein’ old school.  I don’t like interleague.  I don’t like the DH.  I don’t like players wearing the long pants.  And in this case, I don’t like prima donna pitchers placing themselves above all others (even if performance warrants some discretionary leeway).

On the sandlots of Quincy, IL, if you took your ball and went home, we didn’t give a sh!t.  We just got a new ball.  We didn’t have time for whining, complaining, crying.  And if you tried to come back and cause problems, you might go home with a few less teeth… and no ball.

Do you think Bob Gibson would ever cry to the media about being on a losing team?  Koufax?  Seaver?  Hell, even recent phenoms like Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Pedro Martinez.  Those men were men.  Okay.  Your team isn’t playing well.  It happens.  Deal with it.  You’re making millions of dollars playing the greatest game in the land, you’re the envy of every 30-something sitting behind a desk (me), and all you want to do is complain about it?

I understand that it sucks playing for a losing team… that being in an organization as backwards as the Astros have been the last few years must take a damaging toll on one’s psyche… but to b^tch and complain about it to the press rather than take it behind closed doors like a respectable ballplayer… that just rubs me the wrong way…. it even causes me to be lazy and use tired cliches (see this run-on sentence).

Take your ball and go home, Roy. 

Unless you want to sign with the Cardinals, then, by all means, come on over, grab a jersey and let’s go.  I’ll even give ya a hug!

Hate me ‘cuz I’m old-school, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



P.S. Rumor has it the Cubs have an eye on Oswalt… to bring him in and make him a set-up man.



  1. heartruss

    Ha ha. I loved this post. Waa Waa. That’s the way I felt in April. All of us like to win, I suppose even the players. The Dodgers are probably seriously looking at Oswalt. We need a fifth pitcher or heaven forbid, we try Ramon Ortiz again. Then the opposing players will get 10 runs again.

  2. crzblue2

    Love the post Jeff! You are so right, in the days of Bob Gibson, Sandy and Drysdale, the men were real men!.
    I too don’t like inter-league but loved seeing Sparky Anderson at the game yesterday! Take a look at the pic of Torre, Sparky and Leyland! Too bad Vinny was not at the game yesterday since it was one of the FOX game of the week.
    Going for the sweep against the Tigers today!

  3. redstatebluestate

    Cat — I agree. They need Oswalt more than anyone else. We’ll soon see!
    Mike (BTB) — Meanwhile, my grand dad and an entire multi-generation crew are rolling around in their graves. Ugh.
    Mike (MiB) — Agreed. It’s a sad thing to watch, but hopefully we’ll adjust. I don’t know how yet… but we will.
    Peter — Food, travel, uniform, everything. I’d like to see what their per diems are like.
    Emma — Go for the sweep gal! Win, win, win!

  4. stonebutch99

    I hear the Nats want him. Ha, Ha…poor nasties. No one wants to go there… and no one wants to STAY in Houston. At this time we have to pay the fiddler for previous sins, but we’ll be back on track in a couple of years. It’s gonna hurt. I’m not ready to throw on that Cardinals jersey…yet 😉 (that was even hard to joke about.) Seriously, we’ve really enjoyed playing the Redtards this year. Bud feels right at home at Busch stadium, who knew?? Maybe we should change Minute Maid Park to Cerveza Field. I’ll work on that.

    Jeff, I’m still trying to find the humor in LOLstro. I don’t get it. 😉


  5. angelsgirl012

    true that. I like Roy Oswalt as a pitcher. He sure knows how to shut em out. This sure isn’t the right way to go about things though. Talk about a slap in the face to the organization that took care of ya for a long time. Not a classy move 😦

    I like interleague. It gives us a chance to see teams you rarely don’t see. For example Uhh…. y’all took two from us grrr!


  6. redstatebluestate

    Austin — Oh, you see the humor in it. This I know… 🙂
    Mimi — Take care of him… they gave him a bulldozer! Haha! Now that’s a gift.

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