To the Victor, the Spoils

the_victor.jpgHistory is written by the victors and sometimes those victors feel the need to clean up mistakes.  That’s why 2006 isn’t known as the year that the Tigers finally turned it around from an embarrassing 119 loss season a couple years earlier.  Instead, it’s the year that a mediocre Cardinals team managed to slip into the playoffs and then finally put the pieces together.

The results of a baseball season are pretty small potatoes, though, when it comes to comparison with the mother lode.  The struggle to rewrite American history is an ongoing battle and one that has been going rather poorly lately for those of us who are fans of this separation of church and state idea.

There are two sides in this argument.  One side says that despite the Constitution’s lack of any mention of god, the founders actually meant for America to be a theocracy.  On the other hand are those who argue that the founding fathers were actually a bunch of Masonic heathens who had followed Nietzsche to the abyss and seen for themselves that god was dead.  The truth, as it usually does, lies somewhere in between.

As different forces grow in power, they rewrite texts so their side gets to tell the story their way.  The current conflict in Texas is only an example, even if it is one of the more important reminders due to the state’s influence on the entire education market.

But, that’s how the game is played.  There’s a reason the official name of the our country’s most brutal conflict is the Civil War and not the War of Northern Aggression.  The victor gets the right to call things as they will.  However, that doesn’t mean I won’t still claim that the real story of 2006 was the Tigers’ climb back from infamy.


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