The Anti Captain Planet

Rima_Fakih.jpgIf the right-wing blogosphere is to be believed, America is about to fall into the hands of Islamo-fascist terrorists who will forever alter our country and turn it into a new Islamic theocratic outpost.  How do they know this?  Because an Arab-American just won Miss USA.

I’m still a little unclear but the theory goes something like this.  It all starts at the top with Barack Obama who is a secret Muslim.  There’s a small disconnect here but then we pick up the next strand which is that Hizballah and other groups secretly bankrolled the campaign of Rima Fakih and rigged the voting so she could become Miss USA.  And I guess that with their combined powers, Obama and Fakih will form some sort of anti-Captain Planet.

Yeah, there really does seem to be something missing there.  Maybe the point is that a Muslim Miss USA will make other little girls think that they should be Muslim too?  Or maybe she’s the Manchurian contestant and at some point we’re going to find out that someone else is pulling the strings and using her immense powers to their own benefit?

Or perhaps the crazies have just missed the boat once again and need to get off their nativist high horses.  Yep, she’s a Muslim.  But, she also poses onstage in a bikini.  Sounds like she takes her religion about as seriously as Carrie Prejean.  As I’ve mentioned before, Islam is no more a monolithic religion than is Christianity so the only thing this really shows is that there are degrees of adherence.

Me, I think it’s great she won.  First off, it’s great to have people talk about Islam because of something other than terrorism.  And second, she’s from Michigan.  This state needs something good.  And if you take another look at her picture, I think you’ll agree that she is very good.  Hm, I wonder if she’d want to hit a Tigers’ game with me?


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  1. angelsgirl012

    well it looked like the right person won 🙂 She’s beautiful and it seems like she has a good head on her shoulders. That’s always i think more important than your looks. Yeah for Michigan lol

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