The Filibuster

You guys seem to have an opinion on most everything.  So tell me, what
do you think about the Reds, the Rays and the oil spill in the Gulf of
Mexico?  Any chance they’re related?

Sandusky, OH

Us?  Have an opinion?  Ya don’t say!  Shall we?

dusty baker reds.jpgSubject: The Cincinnati Reds
Like oil spills, Republican victories and the birth of Mr. Krause, accidents do happen, people.  Does a team led by a professional arm-killer who says “dude” way too often despite his old age have what it takes to stay in contention all year long?  Probably.  I mean, Dusty Baker has done it before.  But just like before, this team too will eventually find a way to sink back down towards expectations.  Let’s face it: the only reason the Reds are atop the Central Division right now is because the Cardinals are faltering… but they won’t for long.
Opinion: Overrated, destined to fail, not worth your time

Tampa Bay Rays.jpgSubject: The Tampa Bay Rays
Gee whiz!  If ever there were a case for the evangelical loonies to get involved with Major League Baseball (not counting Josh “I love Jesus when he lets me do body shots” Hamilton) then this rise to the top for the Tampa Bay Rays is certainly it.  Who knew that the only key to success for this once hapless franchise was to remove the word “devil” from their name?  Any guesses for when the Yankees will try to follow suit by removing “New York” from theirs? 
Opinion: Playoff Bound

chase utley oily hair.jpgSubject: BP Oil Spill
Like the Cincinnati Reds, Republican victories and the birth of Mr. Krause, accidents do happen, people.  Oh… wait, did I already use that line?  That must’ve been Johnnie Walker talking.  Unfortunately, no amount of whisky will make this terrible accident and its disastrous effects go away anytime soon.  Not since Chase Utley last removed his cap has the planet been exposed to such oil laden horrors; I expect clean-up efforts will require immense patience, determination and confidence… which, coincidentally, is also the recipe for surviving a summer in Philadelphia.  Not everyone makes it out alive.
Opinion: This really sucks

Now… are they related you ask?

In as much as these events and situations are all taking place on the planet earth, in the month of May, two years before our imminent destruction predicted by the Mayans… yes, they are related.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t worry too much. 

So don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




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together, eww)?  Think you got a real stumper?  Send us your Filibuster
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***A lock from Jayson Werth’s now shaven beard also welcome… Al is weird like that.



  1. raysrenegade

    I can officially now offer you a post in the Rays choir.
    Sing it loud and sing it proud Brother J.
    Seriously, who knew M C Hammer saying, “When they took the devil out, the win came in” would prove so prophetic….And this from an ex-Oakland A’s batboy.
    Oil slicks on the white caps will ruin those emerald waters and quartz sand beaches that squeck when you walk on them in the Panhandle of Florida.
    Tragic thing, but got to say it has been coming every since they pushed through the earth’s srust the first time deep out in that briny deep.
    Hopefully we will not awaken any sea monsters or Krakens’ when BP has to blast that thing closed…..
    They might eat New Orleans.

    Rays Renegade

  2. angelsgirl012

    ROFL ROFL! Omg i can’t believe that you put a picture of Chase Utley’s hair when you were talking about the oil spill. I’m with Jane on this one i never thought i’d be laughing about an oil spill but this is too funny XD Honestly, maybe it’s because I’ve seen chase utley multiple times because of their playoff run(s) but his hair is just so oily it’s disturbing :P… i remember it getting a lot of attention

  3. redstatebluestate

    Peter — That I don’t know… but they do have an amusement park I believe.
    RR — I’ll take the post in the choir. I could sing a bit back in my day 😉
    Jane — Funny ‘cuz it’s true 😉
    Mike — Let’s hope… 2 years and counting my friend.
    Mimi — For someone who can be as pampered as he wants to be, why he doesn’t fix that hair I’ll never know.

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