The RSBS Podcast, Episode 2: Albert’s Anti-Slump… and Other Stuff

rsbs podcast photo.jpg

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And so in this Podcast…

Jeff and his sCrUBS fan nemesis pal, Johanna Mahmud, get back in the studio and throw down on the art of being right!  Among the titillating topics of discussion: mispronouncing dominance [Doc Halladay] and futility [John Grabow], Brandon Phillips’ wings, a wild war of words over Albert Pujols, the Lou Piniella Mailbag and much, much more.


– – –

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thanks to Keith Carmack — our engineer, director, editor and
all-around sound guru.  He always knows when the Hawks are (or aren’t) gonna get donged.

Recorded Monday, May 31, Memorial Day 2010


  1. devilabrit

    I have to watch when I comment now, cause i am sure I commented before you on the last post, or we just both had the Palin comment, that’s freaky… this pod cast if fu-ck-in hilarious… dude… this guy… no that guy….oh yeah it’s HAL – A – DAY thats for your sCrUBS guy, dude you know that guy your talkin wiv, okay enough babblin….pssst… john grabow… and i checked out couldn’t find the write up…hmmmpf you believe me right…

    – peter

  2. redstatebluestate

    Emma — You can’t listen to stuff while you work? Do you work for Nazis?
    Peter — You’re killin me dude. I think he was messin’ with me on the Vampire thing… he knows I hate vampires. LOL.

  3. StlCardinals06

    Sucks for Morales, but yeah, the next night, the Angels avoided whoever hit that walkoff, and stood clear of home.
    That celebration of Prince from last year against the Giants was bush league, I mean come on. He would have gotten beat up in the parking lot if he had done that in Little League.
    I am gonna have to say that the Cards Memorial Day hats are legit, but who cares.

    Anyway, f***ing hilarious podcast, gonna have to follow these. Whoever this Johanna dude is, he is funny as h*** and sounds like one of the guys from the Hangover-haven’t seen the movie in months, but he sounds like one of them. Just a random, out of nowhere just recognized the voice

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