You Better Eat Your Damn Wheaties, Y’all

So… yeah.  I gave mad props to my boyhood hero Ken Griffey, Jr. the other day.

And all that is true.  Still.  No regrets.

But don’t get me wrong… there’s only one man who could turn me gay; and that man says you better eat your Wheaties.

Uh… did I just say that?

Hate me. Just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




  1. crzblue2

    Ok, so that got to be THE MAN Pujols but I can’t see it (security at work). Your team is in town! I am glad I finished putting up all the 70’s pictures from last Friday before I head to the stadium in a couple of hours.

  2. raysfanboy

    Funny, because I just saw the commercial during the draft tonight. Threw up a little in my mouth. Then again, I am sure you felt the same way when Sammy Soso was pimping Pepsi. I’ll eat my Wheaties, but only because Peyton tells me so…

  3. redstatebluestate

    Please go easy on us, Emma. We’re a streaky bunch.
    Isaac — Never tried ’em, but now I feel like I ought to!
    RFB — Haha. Sammy Soso. I like that.
    Peter — Hmmm. I seem to remember a moonshot at the Juice Box off Lidge…and many, many more.
    Cat — I know. Don’t remind me he’s part human 😉

  4. xcicix

    That’s a…persuasive commercial.
    I used to eat Wheaties with Tiger Woods on the box. Pujols is a much better spokesman.

  5. redstatebluestate

    Jane — Thanks for noticing 😉 One of my favorite subtle jokes.
    Matt — Me too!
    Cici — I’d hafta agree.

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