The Smile Bunch

Do you ever sit there and wonder what happened to role-playing, workaday guys who played for your favorite team when you were growing up?  For me, the ultimate example is Frank Tanana.  The guy was good but he wasn’t great.  What he did, though, was get the job done.  Most of the time.

Then he’s gone and you never hear anything about him again.  Sometimes they’re career backups like Sal Fasano or Koy Detmer and sometimes they’re guys who manage to have one amazing season or one defining game but then disappear for all time.

But does any of it compare to Ralph Macchio.  This is not to say that he isn’t still around in one form or another but when’s the last time you noticed that Karate Kid was playing on TNT and wondered whatever happened to Ralph Macchio?

Luckily, there’s an easy way to find out.  Just click play.

“Oh my god, he kicked Steve!”  Yep, that’s what you get for sweeping the leg, Cobra-kai.



  1. angelsgirl012

    this was the funniest funny or die episode yet! I LOVE karate kid. So much in fact that i got very angry that they made a new one. Grrrr. I still refuse to see it but i’m slowly breaking down the walls. I might give in sooner or later.

    Aww ralph macchio is such a baby face 😀

    I love guys like that. I think those are the guys I like the most which may sound a little weird. I mean nothing wrong with superstars and hall of famers but there are players that just work diligently with what they are given. They’re nice to the fans, all around good hard working people.

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