How Many More Days til Stras-mas?!?!?!

stephen strasburg 32 ks.jpg
I know we just saw him on Friday, but I can’t sit still.  I’m eager.  I want Stras-mas to be here… yesterday.

I also want the Nationals to give the guy some runs this time.

He’s throwin’ a 90-91 mph change-up for Cy Young’s sake. 


Help the guy out.

All the cool kids are sayin’ this is the year of the pitcher…

And this is the best one I’ve seen.

Don’t hate me… ‘cuz I’m tellin’ ya, I’m right.




  1. redstatebluestate

    Jenn — It’s his ROY to lose in my opinion (sorry Heyward)… but yes, definitely you need to make that DC trip!

  2. devilabrit

    too much Hype and who has he really pitched against…. no where near enough evidence for him to be in the ROY running…

    Phillies Outside

  3. redstatebluestate

    Peter, he could be facing the ’27 Yankees and they’d still falter as long as he pitches the way he has thus far. 100 mph fastball. 4 seamer that rides up. 2 seamer that cuts. He’s able to locate them all. He has 90 mph change that guys swing ten feet in front of. A NASTY slider/curve/slurve that just dives mid-air… you tell me. Can A-Rod hit that? Can Ryan Howard? Can Albert? Eventually he’ll get his bell rung… not when he’s on and has his good stuff… but this is baseball… everyone fails eventually. But I’m tellin ya, I’ve seen Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, Pedro Martinez… this is the best all around pitcher I’ve seen since any of those guys. Not sayin’ he’s better than them yet (indeed, he’s got a long way to go), but I’d put my money on Strasburg gettin’ there as long as things go forward from here.

  4. raysfanboy

    I hear that there is quite a push for him to make the AS Team. Interesting. The guy is good, I agree, but I reserve judgement. Remember that Kerry Wood was supposed to be the next Nolan Ryan and Mark Prior was supposed to be the next, um, Kerry Wood. That didn’t work out too well. But damn do I like to watch the guy in DC pitch…

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