From Venezuela to Vuvuzela

vuvuzela.jpgI proudly retell the story of the time my brothers hassled Manny Ramirez so much at Comerica Park that he finally looked up into the stands and practically begged them to stop.  Maybe it runs in the family because even when we were little and sitting way up in the upper deck of old Tiger Stadium, that didn’t stop us from keeping up a steady chant of “Hey batta’ batta’ batta’, swing.”  Baseball lets you get close enough to the players that you can actually get inside their heads if they let you.

And this is probably the one area where soccer fails by comparison to baseball.  Sure, the fans are up there in the stands cheering on their team.  And sometimes they’ll try to get involved by starting racist chants (if you’re in Italy) or throwing objects at the opposing players.  They even try to help with the rhythm by singing songs and banging drums.

However, at this point it seems that soccer fans are best known for blowing those goddamn vuvuzelas all game long.  Seriously, I’m pretty sure the buzzing is still bouncing around my head from the games I watched this past weekend.  This leads me to wonder what the long term effects will be on the players who had to listen to them for the entirety of at least three matches.  Will they suffer permanent disabilities?

Well, if animal testing is any proof, the answer is yes:

If the vuvuzela can drive a dog to that, what will it do to the internal wiring of a human?  But more importantly, if a plastic toy can have that effect, what happened to Manny after my brothers’ heckling?  I’m sure the guy is housebroken but so was that dog.



  1. raysrenegade

    Maybe it was the FREE beer during the Marlins Rays game, but myself and my band of merry Frat brothers actually were doing some creative things with our vuvuzelas/Marlin Air Horns when they were given to us during a recent game.
    Besides the general concensus that an evil entity designed these horns, they do hold 12 oz of frosty beverage.
    But we also did a number of classic songs with the vuvuzelas as a centerpiece.
    “Brass Monkey” by the Beasty Boys, “Who Can Ity Be Now” by Men at Work, and my favorite..doing a rendition of of Rhianna’s song “Umbrella” substituting the word “vuvuzela” for “umbrella”.
    Of course the group did not remember these and other songs before our videographer reminded us of the future extortion of getting money so the tapes would not fall into the wrong hands.
    *SIGH* Away games.

    Rays Renegade

  2. redsoxmelissa

    The first World Cup game I watched I thought there was a swarm of bees outside. Then I changed the channel and realized it was the television…
    Baseball definitely has the better of it, I’d find it hard to focus with those annoying instruments…

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