The Filibuster

I know basketball isn’t your thing but
Lebron to the Heat??  Wouldn’t this be the equivalent of Strasburg
playing a few seasons in DC and then heading to Marlins?  I know you
guys must have some opinion on this so let’s hear it.
Canton, OH

lebron james sexy.jpgYou are right, Hal.  Basketball isn’t my thing.  Sure, I’ll check in come the playoffs; but the last time I paid attention to a whole NBA season start to finish was… well, never. 

Fear not.  I got an NBA expert to help us out. 

But before I get to that, let me just say what I am qualified to say and that is: NO!  It would NOT be the equivalent of Strasburg going to the Marlins.  How does Strasburg even factor into this?  LeBron is… y’know, the best.  Strasburg is… pretty good (in but a handful of games). 

A better metaphor would be Albert Pujols looking like this one day:

albert pujols yankees.jpg

*cleaning the vomit off my keyboard*

Again, fear not.  The above ain’t ever gonna happen.  If it does, I promise you I will murder everyone… in the world.

Now, for a keen, informative breakdown of the LeBron James free agent fiasco, we turn to RSBS‘ resident NBA apologist, Johanna Mahmud (you know him — a bit too well perhaps — from the RSBS Podcast extravaganzas), who assures us that the one who really gets hurt in this whole mess is Delonte West.  Who’s momma is he gonna sleep with now?  Zydrunas Ilgauskas’s?  Please, lord, no.

When asked for his opinion on the matter for this Filibuster, Johanna broke it down for us in short quips of bursting genius:

johanna and his beer.jpg“Cleveland: It blows.  There’s nothing to do in that town except masturbate and cry.”

“If bron goes to heat, and faces kobe in finals and kobe defeats the chimera.  i’m kobe fan for life.  watch out m.j.”

“i love when giadas fake friends show up to try the fake food her chefs slave over.”

“my rash cleared up!!!!!”

“d rose. d rose d rose. ….would never do what happened thursday night. the bulls/heat games this season will be UNBELIEVABLE…”

So yeah… that’s how we feel about the LeBron James/Miami Heat situation.  Johanna’s part of the crew.  And we’re having what he’s having… like, now. 

Hate us ‘cuz it’s always beer thirty here, just don’t hate us ‘cuz we’re right!



(Albert image courtesy of Hardball Talk)



  1. devilabrit

    Pujols in pinstripes…. as the Cavs fans found out never say never… altohugh AP is older and has more intelligence in his bat so he’d probably just get out of dodge without a press conference….

    Don’t you just love it when the team above yours gets swept 4 games straight…


  2. redstatebluestate

    Mike — *Hands you a beer* Ain’t that the truth… and just like the NBA, you pretty much know who’s gonna win that game before it starts.
    Prince — It’s hard to take anyone seriously when he writes letters in comic sans font.
    Peter — Yes. I do love it. Thanks. Also, Albert ain’t no LeBron. Albert is loyal… I hope.

  3. redstatebluestate

    Jenn — I will do so… though I’m not sure if it’s cleared up 100% or not. He’s a wishful thinker sometimes. He is a Cub fan after all 😉

  4. raysrenegade

    Had a friend in Cleveland leave me a note following his decisoion that he wished he fell from the platform stage and broke his kneecap after his dysmal announcement.
    Youhave to feel for Cleveland as they hung on his athletic ability and strongpersonality to show civic support.
    But Cleveland is also a city that has rebuilt their sports franchises before, and go onto better glory. Might have been since 1948 since the last time the Indians won a World Series, but the reality is that the Cavs did not only lose a superstar,they lost their chance at a NBA title.
    I was hoping LaBron would go to New York….Then he would have gotten a taste of what can happen when you fail on the big stage.

    Rays Renegade

  5. redstatebluestate

    RR — No matter how hard they build they still fall apart… so history tells us about Cleveland.
    Matt — Believe me, I’d probably enjoy “exposing” Giada but not in the way you suggest.

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