An Open Letter to the St. Louis Cardinals

writing_letter.jpgDear St. Louis Cardinals,

Stop it. 

Just stop it.

You are embarrassing me.  You are embarrassing my family.  You are embarrassing yourselves.

My sister was at your game in Houston on Monday night.  Ya know, the one against the LOLstros.  The first one where you didn’t score any runs.  And despite your recent slide against terrible, terrible teams, she still went to the park all decked out in Cardinals gear. 

She could’ve used a security detail trying to get out of there.

That’s what it has finally come down to in 2010.

What is more frustrating than anything else isn’t the losing.  Look, I know.  Baseball teams lose.  Even the best teams lose four out of ten.  That’s the game.  That’s baseball.

But when you lose you look like you don’t care… like it doesn’t bother you… like it’s just another day.


The wheels are coming off and we’re not gonna shut up about it until you start looking like you give a damn.  I guarantee you the folks in Cincinnati do.  Yes.  Finally, they have something to care about; and here we are, a confused, spiraling, spoiled Cardinals nation who thought we could just mail it in until the playoffs…

Well, that ain’t gonna cut it.

I hate to sound over dramatic, but the time has come for some over dramatic butt-kickin’ ‘cuz there ain’t much time left! 

So go out there and remember that we’ll always love you, as long as you give your best, tireless efforts.



…and a bazillion other serious Cardinals fans.



  1. devilabrit

    While your writing letters send one to that club in Philly for me…. Been busy will be back T it this weekend I hope….
    Sent from my idiotPhone

  2. redstatebluestate

    Jane — I completely know how you felt.
    Prince — Saw that. Not lookin’ good. Not lookin’ good at all.

  3. raysrenegade

    I understand totally the urge to push the Cards to the side and look for a new obsession in the post season that will not break your heart. You are welcome to come sit on the Rays band trolley along with the millions of other out-of-town fans who will flock to us in the coming weeks.
    No judgments, no agendas, just got to love the game in all its glory.
    I got your ticket if you need it, but hopefully the Card will shake off their Rip Van Winkle ways and awaken in time to save their chances.

    Rays Renegade


    Thanks, Cardinals, for making the remainder of the baseball season, stress free. Since you have decided to throw in the towel at the beginning of September, I can sleep better. I won’t be anxious about the remainder of the season, as I would have been in a close pennant race. And the Wild Card race is out of the question too. I don’t have to waste time reading Internet sites about the Cards. I won’t stay up late watching games that go past my preferred bedtime. No fretting about if the pitching staff is good enough, will Lohse get back his mojo, will Colby get out of Tony’s doghouse, will the pitcher hit 8th of 9th. How about time spent worrying about if Pedro can hit his weight, can Ryan hit his weight (and he’s a skinny little dude), can Skippy hit a lefthander, is Winn better off the bench than Stavinova, was Westbrooke worth losing Ludwig?

    None of that matters now. I can buy a Sam Bradford jersey and hope for more than one win by the Rams. Or maybe read a good book or two. Or become a Reds fan (Go Scottie Rolen!)

    Astro’s player Jeff Blum, after completing three game sweep of the Cardinals today: “Their backs are against the wall, not ours, and it didn’t look like they wanted to come out and beat us,” Blum said.

    Maybe Brandon Phillips was right, and the Cardinals are just whiny little female dogs?

  5. redstatebluestate

    mpiperlcpc — That was a beautifully written comment. Thanks for taking the time to do so. The truth rings loudly…. oh boy… our Birds are in trouble.

  6. tiffk99

    Kind of like when a ball gets through Aaron Miles legs and he casually jogs after it? And he’s certainly not the only one. Is it too much to ask for just a small amount of EFFORT? Simply put, the Reds are hungry and we are not.

    – Tiffany

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