Detroit Still Has Some Fight….Just Not the Tigers

Since the Tigers have absolutely no fight left in them, Detroit sports fans have to look elsewhere.  And, in general, there hasn’t been much to look for.  However, even though preseason doesn’t mean much as far as the record goes, it can show you if a team has fight or not.  The good news is that if this video is accurate, the Lions just might have a little more fight in them than we’re used to as Detroit fans:

Ok, so it wouldn’t take much to show more fight than the victory a year the Lions have averaged over the past couple seasons.  And, in general, I guess it would be nice if the fight didn’t lead to penalties and suspensions.  But when you’re a Detroit fan, you take what you can get.




  1. raysrenegade

    The good part is the Tigers still have some hope of a post season award. It seems that Austin Jackson and Brian Boesch each have been mentioned as prime Rookie of the Year candidates.
    Hopefully they do not cancel each other out and we see some like Rays pitcher Wade Davis win it by both Jackson and Boesch supporters fighting to the death and forgetting to cast their ballots. Weirder things have happened, even in Motown!

    Rays Renegade

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