Indians…but not the Kind From Cleveland


This past weekend left me a little shaken.  Over the course of a single evening, I heard four  different Village People songs.  The most disturbing aspect of these events, beyond the fact that the Village People are still being played outside of weddings, is that I had completely forgotten about their existence and didn’t realize until that night some of the songs that belonged to them.  In the Navy?  Go West?  And more than that, how is it possible that people missed the ****-erotic overtones well into the 80’s?

It got me to thinking.

What else have we completely missed?

I mean, we willfully ignored the steroid era in baseball until it was no longer possible to suspend disbelief.  Jeff still refuses to admit that the Tigers would have won the Series in 2006 if it wasn’t for those errors by the pitchers.

Sometimes those moments of delayed recognition are fun.  Like when a name pops up on the screen during a baseball game and it’s a guy whose baseball card I owned when I was younger.  Sure, he never made it big, but he’s still toiling in the majors.  Or when you see Miguel Cabrera in a Tiger uniform for the first time and it takes you a second to realize who he is and that he’s on your team now.

Most of the time the moments aren’t quite so idyllic, though.  Curtis Granderson in a Yankee hat.  A guy who should have retired a couple seasons earlier still out there hacking at balls he can no longer hit.  That’s a little closer to how I felt at the end of the night when YMCA started to play and I realized it was time to go.




  1. crzblue2

    HAHA The Village People! One year I tried to convince my department to dress as the Village Poeple so we could compete in the Halloween contest at work but they did not want to. The group that dressed as Michael Jackson and the undeads won. They did do a nice dance routine.
    Yay! Lunch time here in downtown LA where I had to come in today for Jury Duty. I’ve been in this waiting room for too long.

  2. raysrenegade

    The Village People concert at Tropicana Field after a Friday night Rays game was one of the best crowd participation events since……well, the Monkees.
    I even got a gret response from the Indian on Twitter thanking me for my post and photos (How weird, but awesome is that).
    Iknow I have missed a lot in my life by tunnelvisioning my sights and sounds, but I am saving so much of that for my post-65 fact finding mission around this great mud puddle we call America in my new Winnebago with the flame decals.
    I am going to call it “The Fear and Loathing Tour of US of A”…..
    Should I reserve you a seat on the rust-belt portion of the tour?

    Rays Renegade

  3. theheirloom

    Um, Jeff, some of us *did* get the notion these guys were gay as the rest of the (West) Village (or The Castro, WeHo, Boystown, Dupont Circle, Wilton Manors, Capitol Hill, Hillcrest, Center City, Oak Lawn, Montrose…shall I go on?) when they came out in the 1970s. Look at the leather dude – duh!

    Even some of us figured out that Rob Halford of Judas Priest was “singing in the choir.” That leather get-up of his was a dead giveaway…

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