A Drunk Baboon

vicente padilla tongue.jpg

I hate to be that guy who talks about his fantasy baseball team but I came across an article the other day that kind of summed up my season.  Let me go back a little, though, and explain.  At a couple points I was looking good.  The hitters were hitting.  The pitchers were pitching.  But some guys were starting to taper off so I made some changes.

Bad idea.  As most readers of this blog know, we like to comment on the simian nature of Vicente Padilla.  However, despite two year’s worth of warnings, I went ahead and picked him up anyway.  He was pitching well, the Dodgers looked good.  How could I lose?

Well, instead of trying to explain what Padilla did to my season, I’ll refer you to the article I mentioned at the beginning.  Yes, I think the best way to describe Vicente Padilla is “drunk baboon.”  Read the article while imagining my team as Cape Town and you’ll get the picture.




  1. devilabrit

    Well that threw me through a loop, cause i thought Detroit was a fantasy team… we learn something everyday…


    Phillies Outside

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