Leadership 101


Leaders find ways to motivate even when the task seems impossible.  For instance, Jim Leyland is a leader because he took a team that lost 119 games three seasons earlier and led them all the way to the World Series.  On a side note, Matt Millen would be the opposite.

I also believe that leaders have innate abilities that can’t be taught.  You can hone the skills but some people just aren’t leaders and no amount of teaching or coaching will get them to that point.

Knowing whether or not you have that ability is also an important skill.  Politicians often learn these lessons the hard way.  Abraham Lincoln lost more races than he won before winning the Republican nomination and becoming President.  But he was a leader and even the losses taught him lessons and earned him respect he would later weave into a legendary presidency.

Sometimes when the losses keep piling up, though, they’re trying to tell you something different.  Like maybe you’re not suited for politics:

Ok!  Fine!  I’ll vote for you!  Just please stop yelling at me.  Please?




  1. devilabrit

    Here’s the thing, if you knew the Stark County he’s refering too, you’d know that this guy is actually not as crazy as he seems, but that said, degrees are way to easy to get, the chances are he got his communications degree somewhere in Stark County or one of the neighboring counties. So how does a team in Ohio lead the NL Central…


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