Gettin’ Kicked and Gettin’ Injured… Injured Bad

cardinals cubs fight.jpg

When I went mad back in early March waiting in an online queue for over four hours to land crappy, view-obstructed upper deck Cardinals/Cubs tickets for the September series at Wrigley, I was more than positive that my time spent in idle agony would eventually pay off — that, come September, the games would really mean something.

Playoff tune-up.

Heated battle for first place in the NL Central.

Wild card implications.

Wrong.  Wronger.  And WAY WRONGER.

Instead, what we have is a barely breathing, leaderless (no, Albert ain’t the leader) and underachieving Cardinals club squaring off against yet another maybe-next-year, embarrassment-infected sCrUBS team going nowhere.  That’s right.  The Cardinals/Cubs series will end as just another series between two kicked down and beaten up teams that no one cares about.

And that hurts.

Of course, it could hurt worse… like my ‘lil man here explains:

The Cards and Cubs are injured bad alright.  No question.  But at least they wear cups. 

So we hope.

Happy Friday!


(thanks to C for bringin’ this kid to my attention)



  1. Michael David

    Jeff, baseball is baseball and it’s always important-No matter what two teams are playing. You’re lucky you get to catch a game this late in the season. I’m already counting down until the MiLB season starts up again in April. Have a great time and drink a $7 beer for me.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

  2. devilabrit

    Now wont you feel bad if the Cards go 8-0 and the Reds go 0-8, remember it’s not over till the fat lady sings, or should that be ‘weight impaired person of the female gender’… alternatively finding humor in the misery of another is the US American way….


  3. redstatebluestate

    Mike — You’re right. Good point. I accept. But know that it’s only $6.75 for an Old Style 😉
    Peter — Nothing warms my heart more than knowing you have figured out US America!

  4. wrigleyregular

    Talk about how meaningless this game was and how uninterested people are, I couldn’t even give my tickets away for yesterday. I couldn’t go and nobody wanted them. I should have sold them back in April but I was like you, I thought this series might mean something.

  5. redstatebluestate

    Jane — Oh, I did. And STL still tops the sCrUBS.
    Russel — I had a similar problem. Glad I went though.
    Prince — Yeah. Wouldn’t want those problems, man.

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