Morgan vs. Volstad Redux


When Jeff and I first started writing RSBS, we decided that our personal emails back and forth insulting the other person’s team and/or mother (usually both) might make other people laugh, too.  The added bonus, though, is being able to take those cheap shots to a public forum.  Fairly or not, I usually bear the brunt of it since Jeff has never met a low blow he didn’t like.  And I accept that.  Truth be told, he’s shorter than I am so most every shot he takes is going to be a little low.

This year is extra fun, though, because despite the Tigers being out of it pretty early on in the second half, the Cardinals really should have been much better.  Like Jeff’s haircut, they have no excuse for failing so miserably.  This makes me happy in a somewhat sadistic way.  It makes me happy because I can picture Jeff watching the games and tearing out his no longer existent hair.  It makes me laugh everytime, the same feeling I get when watching this:

Anyway, maybe I’m a bad friend for laughing at my buddy’s misfortune.  And maybe I’m a terrible friend for including that picture of Jeff.  But if history is any indicator, I won’t need to be sorry for long because Jeff will get himself up out of his booster seat to punch low and hard.  Think Jeff as Nyjer Morgan to my Chris Volstad.

It’s Monday.  Welcome to the week.



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