How to Handle a Hurtling Bat

When an object is hurtling towards you at breakneck speed, you get out of the way.  Or at least that’s what common sense would prescribe.  Like when a broken bat comes flying at your head, you duck behind your video camera and let that expensive hunk of equipment take the blow:

gardner_bat_tbs_camera.jpgBut common sense is not something that comes naturally to all politicians.  They’re brave, they stand their ground but that doesn’t count for much when that broken bat conks them right in the noggin.  For instance, when someone is talking about the First Amendment and you don’t actually know what is in it, you might want to avoid making that obvious:

Some politicians get it, though.  They not only get out of the way, they use their Jedi mind tricks and send it right back where it came from.  Like in New York:

I really have nothing to add except happy Saturday!



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