Banned in the K.S.A.

mariah_carey_saudi.jpgBig news out there in the world today, people.  No, not the elections.  Seriously, if you have half a brain and occasionally read a newspaper you already knew most of what was going to happen.

No, the big news comes to us from the Middle East where RSBS has now been banned in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Yep, you heard me right.  The Saudi censors have decided that the inflammatory rhetoric and beautiful women posted all over this blog are too much for the innocent Saudi minds to handle.  So, all of those Saudi baseball fans are now bereft of the levity brought to you on a daily basis by the cast of characters over here at RSBS.

But, who needs baseball and politics wrapped up in a humorous little package when you’ve got so much good stuff going on back home?  For instance, did you hear the one about the Saudi prince who’s serving time in prison for beating his servant to death and then having sex with the dead body?  Oh, sorry.  That’s not actually a joke.  It really happened.

Well, I guess we could just skip to the one about the Saudi couple hammering 24 nails into their maid’s body.  Oh, that one really happened, too?

Come on people!  You’re blocking a blog written by a couple of guys who can barely spell their own names while all this is going on around you?  With all due respect, maybe it’s time to refocus your efforts. 

Or maybe you’re just upset about the Saudis in Audis.  Yeah, I can see how that could happen.  So, here it is again!



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