The Filibuster

Wow.  Baseball is really over.  I’m feeling a little lost here.  Should I
turn to football, alcohol or the annual Victoria’s Secret holiday
special for comfort?

Kokomo, IN

jeff with his catalogue.jpgWelcome to my WORLD, Ben!  Welcome to my baseball god forsaken world!!!

For serious though, anyone who knows me knows to be very, very cautious this time of year… for the sudden drop of the best baseball teams on the planet playing for a title to absolutely no baseball games at all can be beyond devastating.

I ain’t gonna tell on myself, but if you refer to the sheer number of world catastrophes that have taken place during the month of November over the last several years, you’ll understand exactly what I’m trying to say.

So.  How do we cope?

Football helps.  But not if you’re a Bears fan.  So, yeah.  I’m screwed there.

Hockey helps.  No.  That’s a lie.  Hockey doesn’t help.  At all.

My pal Johanna (from the RSBS podcasts) is trying to get me into the NBA… he’s been quizzing me on my basketball knowledge.  My only problem is that the last time I paid any attention to the NBA, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal were in their primes (and half their current sizes!) so I’ve got a lot to catch up on.  Apparently Dwight Howard and Juwan Howard are not the same person.

And beer.  Yes.  Beer will help.  A lot.  Especially if you mix beer and vodka and gin with Johnnie Walker… and a few bottles of Ambien.  After that cocktail you won’t even remember to watch the Victoria Secret Holiday Special, let alone care about it.

And if everything goes according to the above plan, you can eliminate most of the doldrums tha traditionally take place between Thanksgiving and President’s Day.  By then, Cliff Lee will be in pinstripes, Jayson Werth will be in pinstripes, and Carl Crawford will be in pinstripes!!!

So join me, Ben… join me, dear readers galore… and let us ride off into that fabled sunset known as off-season delirium.  It won’t hurt.  I promise.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




As is tradition here at RSBS, The Filibuster will now go on hiatus until pitchers and catchers report in the spring, leaving more room for the avant-garde ridiculousness you’ve come to expect from us over the years.  Of course, come February we’ll announce its return; in the meantime, we would like to heartily thank all the strangers, friends, relatives, morons, geniuses and fellow bloggers who have sent in Filibuster questions during the 2010 season.  Without y’all, it’d just be Al and I talkin’ to ourselves (BORING!)… so thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!



  1. Jane Heller

    No more filibuster questions? That only adds to the cruelty of this time of year! I laughed reading about your attempt to get into basketball. I’m so behind the times, NBA wise, that I expect to see Clyde Frazer and Kareem.

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Well obviously you and Jane know because there’s no hiding on Twitter (Thanks for the basketball pics by the way! Awsome). But I’ve been up to my earlobes in Football, Hockey and Basketball. I love this time of year! Autumn is tops in my world. And I have to admit with shame, I’ve neglected MLBlogs while chilling on my other page. Shame on me. Just been trying to build that up too.
    Life as a Met prior to Sandy Alderson didn’t help either. I don’t think anyone on MLBlogs is interested in what I have to say about Giants Rangers and Knicks.

  3. theheirloom

    Jeff…football sort of helps. In my case, the Vikings are more of a source of stress than pleasure. I’m glad I’m not associated with the University of Minnesota by any means…

    As for the NBA, my tip is to find a team no one likes – especially in a market that doesn’t get the ESPN, ABC or TNT televised action. Fixate on the best player on that team (Example: Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Another example: Rudy Gay of the Memphis Grizzlies). Then, have a conversation with Johanna and mess his head! Why? Because those are the players real hoops heads are into.

    Jus’ sayin’…

    – Randy

  4. redstatebluestate

    Jane — Hahaha. Kareem. You’re even further behind than I am 😉
    Mike — Glad the pics helped… as for Alderson… I’ll believe his magic when I see it.
    Randy — Good plan… still, I have a soft spot for the Bulls, so I’ll just keep my eye on Derek Rose as much as I can. Dude is fast.
    Prince — I don’t know. Guess I’ll have to get out the vice again. Jeesh.
    Peter — Indeed it is… and you got past the censors! Holy cow! You’re my idol!!!

  5. blithescribe

    No more Filibuster questions until February?! Aww, I just started lurking on…er…reading this site.
    Got any recipes for off-season delirium that don’t come with the side effect of seeing pinstripes before your eyes on every free agent’s uniform?

  6. redstatebluestate

    Blithe — The perfect remedy for those offseason doldrums is to keep comin’ back here where we’ll fill ya up with funny, as often as we can… filibuster or not. Plus, it’ll be back 😉

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