The Next Target

How far will the Yankees go this offseason?  It’s pretty much baseball fact that Cliff Lee will be hanging out in the Bronx six months from now.  I can accept that.  But do the Yankees really have what it takes to embrace their true nature, that of the Evil Empire?  If so, I have something for your consideration:
500x_tshirtgun.jpgWhat is this, you ask?  Well, this is 10-Barrel T-Shirt Cannon which can fire up to three t-shirts per second.  More importantly, it belongs to Bellarmine College Preparatory. So, how about it, Steinbrenner.  Isn’t it time you took this thing to the next level and started taking from schools?  After all, those single shot t-shirt guns just aren’t cutting it anymore.




  1. raysrenegade

    There is a Twitter listing for Gameops, which is the place to find all kinds of great promotional weapons and methods online.
    Benn watching their Tweets for a year tosee all the great promotional items and big ticket items you can buy for your ballpark.
    Still a fan of the old fashion throw it up by hand methos, but that is so 1999.

    Rays Renegade

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