Monkey See, Monkey Do

I write quite a bit about alcohol.  In my mind it’s natural because baseball is inextricably linked with drinking and I also tend to write quite a bit about baseball.  Add in the politics which sometimes drives me to drink and you can see how I end up on this topic quite often.

However, there may be an even simpler answer to the question of why I write so much about the fermented and distilled goodness available to us out there in the world.  Nature.  No, I’m serious.  How many genes do we have in common with monkeys?  I’m not really sure but I’m guessing it’s enough to make the following an explanation of why I write what I write:

Oddly, one of those guys kind of reminds me of Jeff in college.




  1. raysrenegade

    Baseball and drinking have always gone hand-in-hand. More than once I have seen adult drinking games going on when a certain now fired ESPN baseball broadcaster was throwing out supperlatives about the “good old days”.
    It is a baseball tradition to either have an adult beverage before, during or after a game as a symbol of the unity of being a man and a fan…Women are welcome into this requime of debachery at their own risk.
    Actually, they are encouraged to wander in…after the game.
    Might have to go out and have a Brass Monkey (that funky monkey) tonight.

    Rays Renegade

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