Send in the Clowns

clown.jpgAlthough this week is the beginning of the baseball awards season, I find myself much more focused on the goings-on of the political world.  And I’m not just talking about the US and our recent mid-term elections.  Another big democracy just went through a similar fun time and their results seem to mirror our own.

But democracy isn’t really all that interesting what with its “free and fair elections” and “transparency.”  Whatever happened to the good ol’ days of autocracy and election rigging?  Sure, it’s still going on but it just doesn’t seem to be as widespread as before.

Luckily the potential for hyjinks and shenanigans lays in wait right around the corner.  Is the Tea Party not providing enough excitement for you?  Well, how about a vote of self-determination in Southern Sudan.  Considering how things have gone in Darfur, this can only lead to a positive outcome.

Since I prefer to keep the mood light, though, there’s nothing better than heading over to our friends at Vladimir Putin Action Comics.  After all, totalitarianism is much more enjoyable when you add in a side of beefcake and a sprinkle of strangulation.



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