Thanksgiving Eve Thanks

michael jackson and two midgets.jpgHolla, y’all!  It’s Thanksgiving eve!

Dear readers, I can hardly wait to jump in the car and spend four deadlocked hours sitting on the southbound on I-55 while night falls on my west-central Illinois family as they talk as much s*** about me as they can before I get there.  Oh, if only every day could be so special!

We at RSBS don’t ever want to be trite; but hell, it’s Thanksgiving, so we gotta give thanks.  Thanks to you (for reading).  Thanks to my parents (for making me, even if it was in the backseat of a car at a run down Motel 6 outside of Disneyland).  Thanks to the Cardinals (for making me think my team has a chance every year).

That stuff is easy.

But life is much more complex than that, and so too are the abstracts that must be recognized, appreciated and acknowledged.

For example, the picture at the top right of this article.  Yes.  That is Michael Jackson.  And yes.  He is chugging some nasty vodka while flanked by two midget groupies.  See, he’s not as weird as you thought.  Back in the early days, when he was just raising tigers and being best friends with monkeys and sleeping in souped-up tanning beds, he was pretty friggin’ chill.


On the political tip, where it takes quite a bit of searching to find anything worth my thanks, I am pleased that the new majority leaders are actual human beings and not blood-sucking money-hungry lobbyist-lovin’ big-business-bailin’-out corporate-drone-piggin’ bible-belt-thumpin out-of-touch neanderthals Americans.


Mike Scioscia arguing.jpgAnd, yes, I know we have a long way to go before pitchers and catchers report, but let me just say: I am very thankful that I am a whacked out baseball nut and not married to any of the other sports.  Don’t get me wrong, I love football; but I don’t LOOOOOOOOVE football.  It’s just not tangible.  I respect what they do, but it’s a team sport divided by uncontrollable personalities.  Elaborate celebrations in the end zone when your 2-7 team is down by 20 points in the 4th quarter?  Taunting your opponent ‘cuz you FINALLY got a first down, after 13 consecutive failures?  Spitting in a guy’s face?  Please.  I’d like to see Brandon Marshall or Vince Young or Albert Haynesworth talk crazy to Mike Scioscia. 




For those of you counting, there’s only 146 more days til Spring Training 2011!

Have a very thankful and reflective holiday.  And please, don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. crzblue2

    And thank you Jeff for giving us the countdown to Spring Training 2011! I just wrote it in my wall calendar.
    Thank you that my schedule at work got better before it starts getting crazy again next week.
    Have a safe Thanksgiving weekend!

  2. raysrenegade

    Hope the commute towards a bevy of turkey(s) is met with less stress and more joy than a barrel of drunken monkeys.
    Some people say the best thing to be around this time of year is family. Others just seem to count the hours and minutes enjoying the sight in their rearview mirros of leaving the family behind.
    Either way, it is a time to bend the ear of those we love about the years bounty and rejoice that once again the family bonds seem unbreakable and firm.
    Pass the cranberries and do not forget the wishbone for good luck until next year.

    Rays Renegade

  3. blithescribe

    Thankful and sweet in a completely twisted way, I love it!
    Oh you are so right that Scioscia would straighten them out right quick. Diva antics and bad attitudes do not fly on his watch, LOL. I think this is a large part of why I’ve never gotten into football or basketball. It’s harder for me to like the players. I am sure there are a lot of fantastic team players with great attitudes to match their playing skills, but it doesn’t appear that way from the surface so I have not felt compelled to look too far below it.

  4. redstatebluestate

    Emma — Glad I could help!
    RR — Cranberries! I ate ’em all! They’re my fav.
    Prince — We’ll get you on again. Don’t worry.
    Blithe — Scioscia has always been a favorite player/manager of mine. I was a catcher when I was younger… and I emulated him, to a tee. If only I’d had talent…

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