You Can’t Take That Away From Me

The other day my good friend Mr. Lung pointed out the greatest tragedy facing those of us born in the mitten.  Do we choose to root for our Lions or do we turn our back on the state and find a team that occasionally, uh, wins?  For most of us, the obvious answer is the former and the results are inevitable.  Each year we face new lows in terms of records set and experience new embarrassments in terms of ways of losing.

But, there is one reason we can all be proud to be Lions’ fans.  His name is Barry Sanders and, as The Onion pointed out, although he will always be associated with the awfulness that is the Lions, that perhaps makes his accomplishments shine even more brightly.  Observe:

We may have nothing to show for it but you can never take the Barry away from us




  1. raysrenegade

    Barry Sanders and Billy Sims….two reasons to think Detroit football can be brought back to greatness.
    I still remember when the Bucs had boot marks on their bodies and were tossed into the mud as lonesome losers.
    Maybe it is just a cycle that will eventually changes as the team matures….Guess that is the optimist in me screaming out again.
    Have faith, the lion ios a proud beast who always gets his prey in the end…Even in an urban jungle like Motown.

    Rays Renegade


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