A Tip of the Cap to ‘Ole Number 10

ron santo card.jpgWhile lambasting the Chicago Cubs and their myriad follies has become as synonymous with my persona as injecting gratuitous images of beautiful women into everyday baseball-politico essays, let it be known:

I am not an animal.

Which is why I reach out and put my hand on the collective shoulders of Cubs fans everywhere who are mourning the loss of the late, great Ron Santo.

Many things can be said about Mr. Santo — some good, some bad, some somewhere in between.  But no one can deny this:

Ron Santo was the Chicago Cubs.

And no one loved them more than he.

From Cardinals Nation and the rest of the RSBS crew, we tip our caps to you, Number 10.

May you rest in peace,




  1. Michael David

    Classy move, Jeff. I thought you’d stay clear of MLBlogs for awhile with all of the Cubs fans in mourning. I never got to see him play, but in interviews he seemed to be as proud to be a Cub as anyone. Even his prosthetic legs had the Cub logo on them.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

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