The Half-life of Beards

Where do beards go when they die?  Like all those playoff beards that baseball players grow.  Or the hairiness sprouting on many male (and some female) American chins as winter bears down.  But eventually they have to go away and the question remains, where do they go?

My hunch is that many of them go down the drain, shaved off and then rinsed away.  But this is not true of all beards.  No, some beards take a more circuitous route:

So there you go, proof that there is a beard hell and a beard heaven.  I’ll let you decide for yourself which one this particular beard went to but I think you can guess where my vote ends up.

Happy Saturday!  Only 6 more shopping days ’til Christmas.



One comment

  1. phillingintheblanks

    I wondered whether my dear beloved Jayson Werth would shave his beard for his presser with the Nationals. He did indeed, going back to the little soul patch that I find a little unflattering on the man. It brings out his bug eyes and crooked teeth just a little more. But hey, if you love a guy, you love a guy. Anyway, I bet he shaved his off in some fancy hotel shower or sink.


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