Bet He Didn’t SEE This Coming

david paterson smiling.jpgForgive me. I know. I know.

That was a pretty lame pun… one that has probably been done a bazillion times already.

But I don’t care, because it justly proves my point — literally and figuratively — that people with money, people with power, people with clout (like New York governor David Paterson) often get whatever they want, whenever they want it; and you and I Joe Plumbers never hear about it.


So, as the good gov’nuh pays out his $62K fine (which, is roughly how much Alex Rodriguez makes every three innings) for stickin’ the taxpayer with the cost of his World Series tickets, let us remember that, indeed, even the rich don’t always get what they want.

Unless this was some Red Sox fan-fueled controversy that originated with ill intentions meant to disrupt and expose the Yankees’ front office and their ongoing lobbying interests (which may or may not involve the absolute destruction of Ted Williams’ frozen head).

Yeah, yeah, I know… it’s been over a year since Teddy’s head was even relevant, but just like they say: revenge is a dish best served cold.

Or, on a stick.

Hate me ‘cuz it’s Monday, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




  1. raysrenegade

    Let me this straight.
    A legally blind and or blind Governor of the great state of New York hide a monsterous Woirld Series ticket bill from the public eye and finally someone put some light on it all?
    If the whistlerblower is not a chowderhead, then they should be by sundown.
    Seriously, why did he have to have tickets if he can not fully experience the game like a normal sighted person……Or was it all to have his face in the crowd kind of moment?
    I guess it could be worse. I remember a Rays deaf ticketholder once sending a letter complaining about the cowbells. Wonder if it was the irritating motion of the bell ringer, or another conspiracy straight from Yawkey Way.

    Rays Renegade

  2. Jane Heller

    Renegade, there are blind people who love to go to baseball games, including one of the Yankees’ long time broadcasters who still does interviews with players (can’t think of his name at the moment – Ed something.) And there’s Jane Lang, a Yankee fan from NJ, who travels in from NJ with her sight dog to “watch” every game and was honored at HOPE Week this year. But yeah, Patterson probably wanted the tix just because he was the Gov, since I’d never heard he was a big fan.

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