The United State of Potential

The year is still young and full of potential.  This could be the year that the Tigers return to the World Series and finish what they started in 2006.  This could be the year when the Lions approach .500.  This could even be the year when the University of Michigan finally ends its travesty of an experiment with Rich Rodriguez and hires someone who actually knows how to coach. 

But before we sail off into the sea of “what might be,” I want to take one more look at “what was” in the best way I know how.  Through the immortal words of Usher, Enrique and Ke$ha:

Hey, where’s the Bieber?




  1. MLB Critic

    Believing the Tigers have that chance this year will need a lot of alcohol consumed frequently, especially of you expect the Lions to hit .500 too. I guess everyone has fantasies some are weirder than others.

    MLB Critic

  2. raysrenegade

    Been hearing the grumblings of a Rich Rod revolt in the maize and blue community. Great thing about the first breathes of the new year is it has that same unknown and mystical feel to it that is a premise to our hopes and dreams during each season’s first tossed ball during Spring Training.
    Tick, tock….40 days.

    Rays Renegade

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