Gratuitous Good Wishes!

little allen.jpgGrab a beer, put on a funny hat and get out the birfday cake, y’all, ‘cuz today is Mr. Krause’s 3rd annual 29th birthday!

That’s right… 29 years and 1095 days ago, my crotchety and oft curt colleague, Mr. Krause, came into the world wielding a Chet Lemon inscribed Louisville Slugger and a Kirk Gibson mustache (at least, that’s how the story goes).

And since Mr. Krause is always giving me a hard time for posting gratuitous pics of scantily clad beauties on a baseball-politico blog, I thought I would take some time to post gratuitous pictures that he would like:

galaraga imperfect game.jpg
ohio state cheerleaders.jpg
magnumpi.jpgYep.  Looks about right to me.

And let us not forget… if it has reason behind it, it ain’t that gratuitous, which should give me a free pass to post pictures of hot chicks here for as long as I deem necessary. 

I think.

Anyway, holla at Al.  Tell him you love him (if you love him, that is).  And make sure you dig on that gnarly photograph I recently snagged from his folks’ place.

Hate me.  Don’t hate Al.  Not today anyway.





  1. raysrenegade

    I bet is he heck-bent for Winsor by 5 pm with a fistful of georgies and looking for…birthday kisses.
    You know you brought the party to a sudden halt with a photo of Ohio State cheerleaders. Guess our birthday boy will just have to Photoshop them in maize and blue.
    I wish I was in the Motor City tonight, I would then boogie on down to the MGM Casino and put my chips on 29.
    BTW, did you buy him “Mr. Baseball” on Blu-Ray yet?

    Rays Renegade

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