For some reason, I seem to find myself continuously waking up in strange places (aviaries, botanical gardens, Neverland Ranch) every weekend and just wanting to get out of there and go home.  However, I’ve usually partied really hard and even if I can find my car, I’m not sure it’s safe for me to be driving.  Any help?

Chicago, IL


It’s Sunday and like many Sundays, a large number of people are driving home either incredibly hung over or still drunk from the night before.  If you, like J.L., find yourself in this situation, we here at RSBS would like to offer you this piece of advice: rent a SkyJack.

SkyJack:  It’s not just for changing lightbulbs anymore.


If you would like to see the
RSBS team address any concerns that you may have in some future column, please post your question in the comments or email it to us at  After all, if you can’t turn to your favorite baseball/political blog to answer the tough questions in life, who can you trust?


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