Three Up, Three Down

pedro martinez bucket head.jpegJust like a Pedro Martinez pitched inning circa 1999, this is gonna be quick, probably painful and will most likely include more soul-glo than the FDA deems acceptable:

rahm emanuel this big.jpgRAHM!

A few weeks ago, I ran into Rahm Emanuel at the Roosevelt Red Line stop.  I shook his hand, wished him luck in the Chicago mayoral election, then basked in the warm glory that is his presence.  Yeah, kinda makes me sick too.  But I can’t lie.  He had a an insidiously welcoming glow about him.  And as I stood there, standing next to (and above, as the man is quite short) him, I couldn’t help but debate myself, asking Well, Jeff, are we on Rahm’s team or no

Then, yesterday, I read *this* and realized the Carol Moseley Underlings and Gery Chico Brigade might have already made the decision for me.

Of course, Rahm is Rahm and Rahms don’t go down without a fight.

So let’s sit back and watch as time and LOTS OF MONEY are wasted on the proceedings. 

The American Way.

Se la vie.

Tampa Bay Rays.jpgRAYS!

Call it desperation or call it genius (I’m goin’ with genius, by the way), but the Tamp Bay Rays certainly found a flashy way to fill some holes in their lineup by adding Idiot One and Idiot Two to their roster.  On the cheap!  Hey, if they could just convince Curt Schilling (and that unstoppable mouth) to suit back up, maybe the Rays will have a real chance at stickin’ it to the Yank Sox again this year!  If nothing else they have succeeded in ultimately defying logic: Manny Ramirez will get $2 million while *GASP* Kyle Farnsworth will make $2.7 million!  WTF?!?!?!?

jay cutler.jpgJAY!

Say what you want about the Chicago Bears and their NFC Championship performance, but as a Chicagoan, I call out to all fellow Chicagoans to lay off Jay Cutler.  For realz. 

In fact, I’m just gonna shut up about it and defer to RSBS regular, Johanna Mahmud with the quote:

is becoming human cockfighting. #6 is ****ing tough. he got dry humped
up and down the field all season long behind that AWFUL offensive line
and still came to play everyday. GUHHHH…..
you can never quiet the stupid.




Hate me, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




  1. theheirloom

    Jeff, you’re in agreement here. From @OzzieGuillen via his Twitter: “Leave jay cutler alone”

    There’s a Chris Crocker-directed YouTube video in the tweet somewhere…

    Also from Ozzie’s Twitter: “Thas very low blow show people we love ur players they play very good packers was better”

    He must’ve read about that car salesman that got fire for wearing that tie…

    – Randy

  2. redstatebluestate

    Randy — Ozzie knows best… in theory… grammar and punctuation aren’t quite right, but you know what I mean 😉

  3. Jane Heller

    How can you not vote for Rahm over Moseley Braun and the other guy? (If he ever gets on the ballot, that is.) He has the best first name ever. I’m not even sure I understand all his residency problems. Hasn’t he always owned a house in Chicago?

  4. redstatebluestate

    Well, I’m not so sure, Jane. I know he rented one… he owned one… rented it out… I dunno. Can’t get much more Chicago than Rahm though… so this is going to be very, very interesting.

  5. raysrenegade

    Thought for sure you were going to bash the $150,000 check idea that Johnny Damon would get for each predestined Rays fan that walks through the gate.
    But then again, Damon’s agent Scott Boras did call Damon a “fan attraction”….I think he was maybe 90miles West of that destination….(The Orlando Mouse house).
    Still think it was a genius signing with the only drawback being BJ might become BJ.
    Still, this franchise survived Ozzie Guillen, the Hit Show and John Rocker and still got two AL East rings….Genius all the way to the bank.

    Rays Renegade

  6. redstatebluestate

    RR — Y’all had Rocker? I had no idea!!!
    Prince — Deion and Irvin make strong cases to at least question it in this case, but I’ve had enough heartbreak for one football season and am pretending everything that happened Sunday and after was a dream.

  7. blithescribe

    Regarding Rahm Emanuel’s residency problems, Chicago politics are old school cut throat as always, I see. If you can successfully campaign in Chicago, the rest of the country must seem almost naive and sweet in comparison. As for the Rays, that one could go either way depending on a number of factors once they start playing. I’m hoping it’s genius though. The season is a lot more fun when most divisions are neck and neck right through September.
    – Kristen

  8. Catherine

    Well, if Ozzie Guillen says so, it is fact. Ozzie is the utmost authority on everything, after all.
    As far as the Rays go, I’m really disappointed that we’re back to a two-horse race in the AL East. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. I’m curious to see how much longer Manny’s hair can get.

  9. redstatebluestate

    Kristen — I agree… I wish every division race were tight. We might get some good ones this season actually.
    Catherine — He’s an authority, yes, on everything except his son’s big mouth! LOL

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