Sometimes Size Is Relative

RSBS loves beer.  In fact, although Jeff may dispute me on this one, there’s nothing wrong with going to a baseball game just for the beer.  Sure, it’s more expensive, and yeah, it’s watered down.  But sitting at the ballpark in the middle of July with a beer in your hand beats just about any other feeling.  Since I also tend to be a bit of a snob, finding ballparks like AT&T Park in San Francisco, which serves Anchor Steam, only adds to the allure.  Baseball and decent beer?  Yes and yes.

But here’s a secret.  Get the small.  The tall cup might look bigger and you’re sure going to pay more but volume and surface area have only a tenuous relationship at best.  Go ahead, see for yourself:

Oh yeah, that’s right.  16 ounces is 16 ounces no matter which way you stack it.  But $1.25 extra?  That’s straight up thievery.  Of course, it is Washington where Microsoft is based and if anybody knows thievery, it’s those guys…….Uh, hey, wait.  Why is Explorer crashing?  I’m just kidding guys.  I love Microsoft.  And I’ll gladly pay an extra $1.25 for your “large” beer.  Please?



  1. raysrenegade

    It is one of those stadium nuances that is also an optical illusion of sorts considering the beer vendor in the stands might get the difference between the large and small for just in-seat luxury.
    But it isa one of the pleasure we have come to know with our sports, whistle loud enough and a beer man cometh.
    Most stadium beers sold by the roving vendors is set at $9-ish. At that price most people hand the vendor a $ 10 (for 1) or a $20 ( for 2) and tell him to kep the change.
    Little did you know that in a one minute transaction, the guy who you search for in earnest sometimes just made a quick $4 just on your tastebuds.
    I say drink up, for tomorrow is just another hangover…

    Rays Renegade

  2. scofid

    Beer and hot dogs are the staple of major league baseball! There is nothing like a great beer on a hot afternoon regardless of whether you’re in Petco Park, AT&T Field, Dodger Stadium, or wherever. My best beer may have even been in Toronto! Good stuff. By the way, I agree with Lance Berkman’s slam on the Rangers today. Nice to see the Cardinal speaking his mind…


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