Just Like Brian Wilson Did

Today is an auspicious day for RSBS.  Three years ago today we wrote our first entry.  Funny enough, that first post, penned by yours truly, ended with a catch-phrase that has come to be associated with my colleague, Mr. Lung, “Don’t hate me cuz I’m right, hate me because I’m beautiful.”  But that’s the great part about writing this blog together.  We get to steal from each other, rip on each other and generally make fools of ourselves, together.

That’s why I think it’s only fitting that this post end with the brilliance of Brian Wilson.  No, not the Beach Boy.  The pitcher.  If anyone exemplifies the foolish brilliance to which RSBS aspires, this would have to be it:


If you keep reading, we’ll keep writing.  Just like Brian Wilson did.  Yes, this time I mean the Beach Boy.




  1. blithescribe

    Congratulations thank you very much for all the funny! MLBlogs would be a lot duller place without your stealing from and ripping on one another.
    Call it impulsive, call it compulsive, call it insane…but was this post also an intentional BNL reference?

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