Young Guns, Tampa Style

hot_chick_ak.jpgOn a team full of young guns, sometimes you wonder which one packs the most punch.  David Price can mow ’em down and the rest of the Rays have been deadly efficient while playing in the toughest division in baseball.  But if you have to pick one guy who completely embodies the firepower the Rays have shown, you’d have to go with Evan Longoria…..and his AK-47.

Ok, it’s actually no longer “his” AK-47 after its recent theft but still, there’s no denying that Longoria is packing.  And lest the conspiracy theorists start ascribing nefarious meanings in hushed whispers, Longoria legally owned the weapon by all accounts.  I guess the bigger question here is, why do Longoria and other sports stars feel the need to own weapons like this?

I get owning a hunting rifle.  I own a hunting rifle.  Growing up in Michigan, there’s a good reason for gun ownership, especially with the deer overpopulation problem.  There’s a big difference, though, between owning a hunting rifle and purchasing a deer permit in Michigan than owning (and carrying) a handgun in New York or DC or keeping an assault rifle in your spring training house in Florida.  I’m guessing it wasn’t there because he was planning on single-handedly eliminating the Florida python problem.

I’m not judging Longoria here.  It’s quite possible he has a legitimate reason for owning an AK-47.  I’m sure that the stress of playing up to a multi-million dollar contract wears on you and sometimes you just got to get your gun on to release a little bit of that tension.  However, I am questioning his judgement.  You’re in Florida.  I’m sure there are half a dozen places within a short drive where you could go rent a gun, purchase some rounds and fire to your heart’s content.  For instance, this place also offers air conditioning, a big plus in the Florida humidity, and I found it on the first page of my Google search.

Mr. Longoria, you’re a great baseball player with a wonderful future ahead of you.  It would be nice to talk about that future instead of the theft of your assault rifle.  So maybe let’s focus a little more on gunning down base runners than mowing down, uh, whatever it is you plan on mowing down with an AK-47.  Ok?




  1. raysrenegade

    Was listening to Lynee Austin, the Originals Hooters girl on ESPN1040 Hooter’s Nation morning show and she basically pushed the problem on his age. She has kids near 24, and as she stated she would probably have to put a gun to their head to get them to apologize or admit they were wrong.
    Great play on words by a woman still sexy as any calendar girl out there.
    Wonder when the NRA is sending LOngo a FREE LIfetime mebership card……complete with Charlston Heston coin set….Big time.

    Rays Renegade

  2. blithescribe

    My 2-cents? I certainly can’t speak to why Longoria specifically owns an AK-47, but in general I have no problem with responsible gun owners owning (legally, of course) automatic and semi-automatic guns that have absolutely no use hunting. My husband and I, for example, have never hunted (he’d like to try it sometime but the opportunity hasn’t presented itself at an appropriate time – read, we live in L.A.) be we do like spending a couple of afternoons a summer at the outdoor range up the canyon. We used to own a Calico M950, which could be classified as a submachine gun (suffice to say, you wouldn’t want to use it on deer) just because it’s fun to shoot and it’s more fun to shoot one you know has been cleaned and maintained to your specifications than renting one from the range that has been fired weekly by dozens of folks who may or may not have used it properly – it’s rather like bringing your own cue or bowling ball along instead of using the banged up ones provided for you. Perhaps Longoria’s reasons are similar.
    – Kristen

  3. Jane Heller

    I’ll say it upfront: I couldn’t be more anti-gun. But owning an AK-47 seems truly over-the-top to me. Is Longoria going to war? Does he need it to fight off groupies? Or is he joining a local militia? Maybe he’s on the DL now because lifting the thing strained his oblique.

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