Bringing the North African Experience Home

stadium_invasion.jpgI think I figured out how to get the Tigers into the World Series this year.  Revolution!

Ok, so the point of the article may have been that protestors in North Africa are still searching for outlet for their suppression and oppression over the past three decades.  But I took away something slightly different.  Let me quote here: “So Egyptians, especially younger ones that make up the typical soccer
crowd, know what crowds can accomplish, and have been emboldened by
recent people-power successes.”

My point is, if it can work in Egypt, why not here?  Sure, my call for a boycott of opening day may not have gained any traction but I think this new idea has more resiliency.  After all, Detroit has all the necessary components.  There’s high unemployment, disaffected youth and a generally corrupt government.  Kwame Kilpatrick anyone?  Why not take this unchanneled rage and use it for something positive?  A pennant and World Series for the Tigers would do the city good.

Here’s how it works, if I understand the Egyptian scenario correctly.  Your team is losing and you are unhappy.  You and a couple thousand of your closest friends storm the field and demand that the Tigers be given the victory or you will continue to riot.  In an effort to restore calm, the authorities (in this case the umpires) will have to choose between giving the Tigers the win or dealing with the caprices of the crowd.  Should be a pretty simple decision.  Really, it’s just one step removed from Jim Joyce’s admission of guilt following the Armando Galarraga almost perfect game.  Imagine if the crowd had stormed the field and demanded right then and there that he reconsider.  Problem solved.

Mind you, I’m not inciting violence.  I don’t want to see those colorful tigers at the entrance to Comerica Park uprooted nor do I want to see the seats turned into projectiles.  But if we’ve learned one thing from Egypt and Tunisia, it’s that people have power when they rise up as one.  Detroit, you know what to do.




  1. blithescribe

    Interesting idea. The critics and folks with the attentions span of a gnat certainly couldn’t call such a win boring. But you know the networks are going to hate it. Not enough commercial spots. And the etiquette of following up on a riot with a victory parade does get a little dicey, but the Lakers have been managing well enough for years.

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