Shut Up and Pitch

train wreck.jpg“You don’t boo your own team. I don’t care who
you are or what you say or just because you spent your money to
come here to watch us play that somebody happens to make one bad
pitch and give up a homer and you are going to start booing?”

–Ryan Franklin, April 20, 2011

Um… okay.  My patience is… er… nah, forget it.  I don’t have any patience anymore!!!

We’re NOT TALKING about JUST ONE PITCH, Mr. Franklin.  We’re NOT TALKING about JUST ONE YACKED performance.  We’re TALKING about the difference of 4 or 5 games in the WIN column.

And it’s only April!!!

So yeah.  Do your job.  Get guys out. 

THEN we’ll stop booing.

Keep this in mind, sir: YOU make millions of dollars whether you f*** up or not. 

WE, the FANS, we are the ONES who KEEP YOU EMPLOYED by dishing out $45 (or more) per game, per SEAT… the ones getting raped by beer vendors selling $8 bottles of crap (Bud Light)… the ones who have to put up with your whiny whimpers to the reporters in the press.

We have every damn right to boo your @$$.

You don’t like it?


Man up.

And don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. robsanto

    W-T-F. There’s no crying in baseball, Milton Bradley. Oh sorry, wrong story.
    Whining with that ridiculous ZZ-Top meets convicted felon beard is just disturbing. The weight of that thing probably takes two to three mph off his fastball easily.
    There is no power in the beard. Learn it, Love it, Live it.
    PS: Thanks for screwing over my fantasy team, Ryan. Thornton is already filling my demoted closer roster spot.

  2. blithescribe

    I’d have hard time booing one of the player on my team. I have yet to boo any Angels and that includes Kaz and Rodney. However, if one of the players that was messing up and getting boos form other corners starting complaining about the booers like this, I might have to rethink my stance.
    – Kristen

  3. redstatebluestate

    Jane — We could change the lyrics. I’m cool with it 😉
    Virginia — He can be **********, just not vocal and mean to the fans. That’s baseball suicide in the Lou.
    Rob — Yeah, with those two you got a LOT of problems, brother!
    Prince — It may be on the manager, but it’s on Franklin for talking crazy to the press.
    Catherine — I’m on it! Do ya want Bobby Jenks back?
    Kristen — Yeah, once they start sounding off on YOU then you will boo. Believe me.

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