Method. Madness. Obama.

The human mind searches for patterns in everything.  Numbers, deaths, waves of killer bees.  We’re programmed to find a rational underpinning for why things happen.

That’s one of the reasons why Operation Geronimo thrills us to our core.  Sure, we got public enemy number one.  We killed the boogie man.  But there’s a symmetry that makes the story even more compelling.  Ten years ago the US was attacked and now, ten years later, we finally got the SOB that did it.  We can ignore the ongoing wars and the financial ruin they’ve wreaked because OBL’s arrival and departure neatly bookend a ten-year stretch in which we were forced at times to question who we were as a nation but ultimately overcame.  It’s the American Dream writ large.

Outside of the existential thrill of taking down Bin Laden and reaffirming the American Dream, though, there’s another story here.  Where was the President during those long days fighting over the budget?  What was he doing while people accused him of being a secret Muslim sleeper agent and insinuated he wasn’t even American?  Turns out we finally have our answer:

Obama_set_match.jpgIt’s Mother’s Day weekend.  Go wild!




  1. Jonestein

    Actually, he was busy posing for choreographed “iconic” photos in the situation room. Hilary’s feigned look of horror was a nice touch (no, it wasn’t “allergies”, the director asked her to do that).
    But yeah, Operation Wag The Dog is proving to be a huge success and should easily carry President Obama into a second term. Congratulations.

  2. The Cub Den

    I’m just waiting for Obama to hold a press conference,”Today, the Cubs have won the World Series. We have the trophy.”
    —Mark Gauthier

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