My Happy Little Baseball World

jeff lung at nationals park 2009.jpg
The last thing I want to do on this fine Saturday afternoon is give any more attention to bumspazz homophobe trainwreck Roger McDowell, but I am having problems dealing with the hate-induced rant that caused him to scream: “kids don’t belong in the (bleeping) ballpark!”

Sorry, McDowell.  You are a bonafide jerkwad.

And a waste of our national pastime’s space.

Dude, kids ARE the ballpark.

And for me, thinking back to my childhood days… about the wonders of green astroturf lighting up my eyes on a breezy summer day, sharing a bag of roasted peanuts with my old man, reciting player tidbits I memorized from the backs of baseball cards… I smile now, just as big and just as bright as I did then.

Because life at home wasn’t always great. 

My mom and dad didn’t love each other anymore.  My sister and I were separated by 120 miles.  And I had a penchant for being passive-aggressive… all quiet and bottled up until BOOM — someone got hurt.

At the ballpark — a magical otherworld where all of life’s problems were strictly prohibited — I could just be me.

I could just be a kid.

I could just be…


Hate me ‘cuz I make up words (sometimes), just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




  1. Michael David

    Amen, brother. Kids is what baseball is all about. That’s why it’s played on a field or in a park. It’s the reason we as adults walk throught the gates and step back in time to when we were kids and the reason we kept baseball cards in our back pockets in grade school. McDowell can eat it.

  2. blithescribe

    Hear, hear! The ballpark is for kids and adults who want to feel like a kid again. If, on top of his anger issues, McDowell doesn’t get this basic concept, he really should find something else to do with his life.
    – Kristen

  3. theheirloom

    My take on this is simple: Let the kids rule the ballpark. It’s their game as much as it is ours!

    As for McDowell…I haven’t said it on my blog, but he’s an a******! Always have, always will be.

    – Randy

  4. redstatebluestate

    Anders — YESSIR!
    Mike — Exactly… if I ever have the chance to tell that to him personally, I will.
    Kristen — I know right?!?! How does he still have a job? Had I done that at mine I’d be canned, fo sho.
    Randy — I like that idea… instead of beer though we’d probably be looking at a lot of kool-aid.

  5. robsanto

    Ah, fond memories of the ballpark as a young’un. Hot Dogs. The Cubs trying hard, but coming up just a little bit short. Sunny Summer afternoons. My dad yelling at the umpires. Wearing the Cubs hat and oversized Sandberg jersey. Scoring the game. I can honestly say that my many trips to Wrigley are among my most favorite childhood memories. Baseball connects with the kids better than any other sport. And idiots like Roger McDowell will never change that.

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