The Filibuster

Mother’s Day is this weekend. Do your moms support your baseball nerdiness?

O’Fallon, MO


Pink_bats First, I think we need to walk this question back a bit.  How about we just ask, “Do your moms support baseball?”  To that, I would say, “I’m pretty sure my mom knows that baseball is a sport and if that constitutes support (the recognition of it’s existence and it’s right to exist), then yes, my mom supports baseball.” 

Not to get too mushy here, but my mom’s support of baseball never really had much to do with anything related to the game itself.  My mom always supported me and that was what mattered.  She may not understand the finer points of the game, like innings and stuff like that, but she was always in the stands when I was playing little league and she yelled everytime I made contact while at the plate.  Just for the record, that worked out to about five yells per season.  I was a really awful hitter.

The other part of your question presupposes that both of us are in fact baseball nerds.  Unfortunately, this just plainly and simply isn’t true.  I am a baseball fan.  I can speak intelligently about baseball but when it gets into the weeds, I’ll be hitting the internets for the answer nine times out of ten.  I’m what people like to call a dilettante.  I have lots of interests, baseball being one of them, and I can talk about it, even with fans, up to a certain point.

Once the event horizon between baseball fandom and baseball nerdiness gets breached, though, well, you’ll only find one out of the two of us still trucking along.  Jeff can quote you stats on Ozzie Smith’s lifetime on-base percentage and not feel weird using the term “OBP” in a sentence.  I can tell you that Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker were a great double-play combination and then quickly steer the conversation towards less technical subjects, like why Chet Lemon is a great name for a baseball player.

I think I can speak for Jeff here, though, when I say that what matters is that, nerd or not, our moms have always supported us and always will.  Sure, Jeff’s mom may struggle accepting his man-crush on Albert Pujols and my mom may not understand why baseball players circle the bases counter-clockwise instead of clockwise but they’re still two of the best moms in the world.  Although my mom is obviously the best.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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