Making Sense out of Static

static.jpgEarly in the baseball season, it’s hard to separate the contenders and the pretenders.  Kansas City regularly sits somewhere near the top of the AL Central after the first couple weeks and sometimes even holds on through the first couple months.  Last year even the lowly Pirates looked decent for the first month or two.  Unfortunately for both teams, it’s a lot better to be in first place at the end of the season then at the beginning.

It’s not all the much different in the political world.  It’s pretty safe to assume that Obama will get the Democratic nod heading into the next Presidential election but the Republican field is wide open.  A prime example is Donald Trump’s “candidacy.”  This is a man who’s really only famous for being famous and who, despite his reality TV shows and real estate empire, still managed to go bankrupt.  Yet somehow he and a decent number of Republicans think he can steer the country through it’s current financial straits.  Let’s see what Donald actually looks like on the trail:

He may be on to something.  I’m sure the Gettysburg Address would have been much more memorable if Lincoln could have dropped a couple F-bombs in there.

Granted, there are also serious contenders.  Like him or not, Mitt Romney has the pedigree and the record to make a serious run.  Jon Hunstman looks a lot like the 2010 Giants or Rangers and everybody loves a dark horse.  When you figure in the Tea Party contingent and their sway in the primaries, there’s just no telling where the race will end up.

What is apparent at this point, though, is that with the economy apparently picking up jobs and OBL slowly disintegrating in the Indian Ocean, Obama is enjoying a momentary upswing.  If the economy continues to pick up, he might end up like the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls, an inevitability if there ever was one.  After all, let’s face it.  The man is as cool as the day is long.  This performance at the Press Corps Dinner took place hours after he made the decision to take down Bin Laden and hours before the raid happened:

Admit it, if you were in the same position you would have been sitting in an empty room, rocking back and forth and staring at a blank wall.

It’s still early in the season.  There’s a lot of ball to be played.  But despite all the speculation and analysis, no one has any idea what’s going to happen.  Don’t worry, though.  You keep coming back this way and we’ll make sure you stay up to date.




  1. raysrenegade

    Honestly, who in their right mind would not love to see Trump tell someone in the polkitical arena in a press conference they were “Fired”.
    That would get my vote just on the drama of it all possibly happening for real….but I digress.

    Rays Renegade

  2. blithescribe

    I want to love the current administration but I would be a heck of a lot happier with them if I didn’t keep hearing about how much the economy is improving when all evidence in California is to the contrary. In L.A. County, abandoned, bankrupt home construction projects sit in every city. Strip malls no longer seem to come in 100% occupancy varieties. Two to three filled store fronts in six seems about the norm. Unemployment hasn’t improved, regardless of what the statistics say – statistics which do not count independent contractors, full commission employees not currently receiving a commission, people who have been unemployed too long to continue qualifying for unemployment (I count five of these folks among my close friends, a small but telling sample size), small business owners who lost their business or people who gave up the job search and went back to school. I’m not saying President Obama should have fixed all of this. I understand that wouldn’t have been possible for anyone or any administration and I think he’s made good progress in some cases. But he needs to stop telling me all about the emperor’s great new duds when I’m looking at him with my very own eyes and can clearly see his junk.

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