The Filibuster

If you had to choose between watching the Heat and the Mavericks in the NBA Finals or the Cubs and the Pirates playing a mid-week series, what would you choose?

Mechanicsburg, PA

Hold on a second here, Henry.  I know where you’re going with this and believe me, the old me would high-five you, pat you on the back for representin’ the greatest game on earth and laugh in the face of all those suckas entranced by David Stern’s tamed down version of the WWE.  The problem is, a funny thing happened to me during the baseball offseason, and now I too can be considered a cog in the NBA machine.

This is not a bad thing!

To me, baseball still sits atop the professional sports world.  It simply can’t be beat.  If you are looking for an exact explanation as to why I feel this way, just check the over 1100+ posts in our RSBS back catalogue, consider my socially-backwards tendencies of staying home on Friday and Saturday nights so I can watch five straight hours of baseball undisturbed and you should be drunk with the RSBS brand of baseball championing.

But there’s something subtly intoxicating about the NBA this year too, from the LeBron disaster to the fall of the Lakers to the bright futures of Westbrook, Rose and Durant… I mean, watching those guys drive to the hoop over 7 foot monsters is pretty close to watching a suicide squeeze late in a tight ballgame.  And I can appreciate this electrifying comparison — finally, after a self-imposed decade long hiatus from basketball fandom — because this year I had my very own private NBA tutor walk me through what I have missed (the storylines, the heroics, the defeats — it’s all very soap  opera-ish), to explain what “pick and pop” means, to show me the entire floor for a full understanding of the sport.

So to answer your question, Henry… I will be watching Heat/Magic on Tuesday.  You bet.  I wouldn’t miss Dirklicious schoolin’ the most hated man in all of sports.  Of course, I’ll be watching it!  But, like all the other games before it, I will be watching with one caveat: that my laptop is running four live baseball games and my finger is set to scroll my MLB Extra Innings package during all commercial breaks.

Who said a man can’t have his cake and eat it too?


Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




  1. Rays Renegade


    I firmly believe basketball dies with the crowning of the NCAA Champ. Not into the whole hodge podge of professional basketball where ill-gotten comments and mannerisms are as plentiful as….new tattoos on the players.
    Would love to support the Magic or Heat, but they are 100 miles away in mind and locales, so they escape the mind often enough to not exist at times.
    BTW, Tropicana Field just installed a Hooter’s Owl Den Suite that looks completely like a Hooter’s restaurant’s tacky yet refined decor…..Bet the Cardinals/Rays road match-up is beginning to get more inticing by the moment…
    Come on down…

  2. This is a very simple game...

    Socially backwards? You mean there are better things to do with summer Friday and Saturday nights than waching baseball?! Oh. Oh, I get it. You were making a joke. Wow, you really had me going there for a minute.
    — Kristen

  3. Phillies Outside

    I’m sorry, anytime a ‘W’ can be used for more than a win, (for the retar… Wnba) it kind of loses it’s appeal as a real sport…. and Atlanta really! you’d eat cake from Atlanta….


  4. Red State Blue State

    RR — To me, college basketball is the most boring thing in the world. They can’t make shots!
    Kristen — Um… I’m just glad I’m not alone (my peers would have be believe otherwise 😉
    Mike — I was the same way… if you want in, now’s a good time. Things are happening.
    Peter — Dude, we ain’t talkin’ about the WNBA son! Lol.

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