Picking on the Kid with No Legs

Sunday’s second Albert Pujols walk-off dinger against the Cubs in as many days should’ve ignited an in-your-face happy dance of epic proportions.  In fact, in my house, it did.

But, when I raced to rub sweet victory in the faces of my Cubs fan friends, most of them could not be reached (they weren’t watching the game) and those who were, simply didn’t care.

It’s only been a few years since the Cubs fielded a decent squad, and as a Cards fan I remember very well the aches and pains of those 2007 and 2008 seasons; but for Cubs fans, I might as well be remembering 1969.

Dear readers, this is not your Yankees/Red Sox rivalry.

And while I love it that we rest high above the Cubbies in the standings, I don’t love that our rivalry has suffered because of it.  Gone is the fire, dead is the ribbing.  Cubs fans — those who remain — are either fiscally responsible realists staying home, far away from the hoopla, or they’re drunken DePaul freshman who use baseball games as an icebreaker to what will become a long evening of poor decisions.

I almost feel bad about making fun of the Cubs… in the same way that I sometimes feel bad for making fun of Sarah Palin.

It’s not nice to make fun of those who have disabilities.

Hate me, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




  1. WrigleyRegular

    Things may be hard for us here in Chicago under the oppression of King Selig and ummm we are weary of you and your fellow Cardinal red coats. But we’re showing our ummm American spirit and uhmm Carlos Zambrano went out into the internets last night ringing those bells and firing those warning shots to let us patriotic Cubs faithful know that we shouldn’t give up our arms, Dempster and Marmol, and we will prevail.

  2. macbeth11

    Making fun of Sarah Palin shouldn’t feel bad. Now, the Cards series was close. There was nothing the Cubs could’ve done against the better team(There, I said it). I bet the aches of 07 and 08 have healed nicely.
    —Mark Gauthier

  3. Red State Blue State

    Catherine — Yeah, the Twins would do well to get better themselves.
    Ron — Hehehehe… okay. If you say so 😉
    Kristen — I’m trying! They don’t listen!
    Mike — YES! Still can’t understand his reasoning… but glad you’re there to set him straight.
    Mark — Slowly… they’re healing very, very slowly.

  4. Jane Heller

    I agree it’s no fun when the supposed rival doesn’t put up much of a fight. But you’ve still got the Reds. Isn’t there some bad blood between those teams or do I have it wrong? I seem to remember a few brawls.

  5. Red State Blue State

    Yeah, we still have the Reds, Jane, but that ain’t a rivalry. Until last year it wasn’t… anything. Now it’s just Baker v. LaRussa… Cubs/Cards goes back 100 years. Red/Cards goes back… um… 365 days or so? I dunno. Not the same.

  6. mlblogsbluejaysnest

    I think for the ‘real’ Cub fans, that Cards/Cubs rivalry will still be there. You have to admire the Cub fans, over 100 years of no WS titles and they still pack Wrigley. Sure there’s a lot of frat boys there but the die hards are still there too. If the Cubs were winning they’d have the whole town following their every step. But even if they are already out of the race they will still have the attendance numbers. I bet it makes a team like the Rays just green with envy.


  7. Red State Blue State

    Well, Bluejays Nest, things have changed. They ain’t packin’ Wrigley anymore. Attendance is way down. Those fans aren’t there anymore… they don’t care… and why should they? That’s the point. I’ve been joshin’ my Cubs fan faithful friends for years, but they don’t care anymore and that makes me sad 😦

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